future missionary

future missionary

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

New Area

Hey Guys!

So I can totally do this new area!  For people who don't know I got changed and I'm now in Chorrillos Peru and I'm a district leader here so that is crazy!  My new companion is Elder Infante.  He is Peruvian and a tiny guy but he is awesome.  So to explain I went from the poorest part of the mission to the richest.  I live in a 4 story house and it is just us.  The streets for the most part are paved.  Ok now for the best part....I have hot water!!! Woohoo!  We also have a view of the beach which is great.  My comp is super funny but no English so yeah..  But I've gotten way better in 1 day haha.

I haven't met my district but I know that Elder Hirst is in it and Hermana Stavdiester.  Whe was in Pachacamac with me too.  So Christmas time was weird here but we had a bit of fun.  We had a zone Christmas and watched Finding Dory in Spanish.  We each made a food to share.  Hermana Hilda helped me make cheesecake yum!  (she did most I cleaned her house and washed dishes ;))

On Sunday saying goodbye was hard.  They are so awesome and I had to say buy to Arturo and Michelle.  That was sad too.

I found another person who speaks English.  She is he bishop's daughter and I don't remember her name but our bishop is awesome!  We ate at their house and we are having pizza hut tonight with his family!  Oh so I almost forgot there is McDonalds and Tommy's in my area!  I am trying to go later today but yeah.  I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!  The snow looks so great!  I love you all be so safe!  mwah!


Peru thing: so they eat this bread called Paneton.  It is so bad and then they drink cold hot chocolate but the bread is like really sweet and has jujubees on it!! but I've eaten like 3 cause they make you!!!

it was so hard to say bye

my new area

this is my new room

my new comp

He learned how to write letters again.

 December 18, 2016

Hey Guys!

So this week was good.  I'm excited cause Saturday is Cambios (one day transfers) so that should be good!  This week was crazy busy.  We'll start on Monday.  After talking to you we had zone p-day.  We ate pollo a la brasa and then had singing practice.  After that the gringos wanted to go shopping for Christmas and so the latinos slept and we went and bought a ton of stuff.  We  got some chuyos (beanies) it is a Peru thing.  I also got a white elephant gift and some other stuff. 

Then on Tuesday we had district meeting and we practiced singing more and Hermana Sonia's mom brought me another chuyo from Ayacucho.  It is cool and handmade! 

Wednesday we had a Christmas party for all the Lima and Ayacucho zones.  It was in Surco so we had to take a 2 hour bus ride and we left at 5:45am blah!!!  The party was fun.  We performed our songs and everyone laughed.  I hope I can send the video but the song is Cholito Jesus it is funny!  Then we ate chicken again and I woke up so sick but it was so good I had to eat it!!  Then we watched the Jungle Book and I took a nap.  Then we did white elephants and I got this fancy little thing from Ayacucho.  It is pretty.

Thursday we had interviews and I had to translate for Hermana McGinn.  That was hard!  But it took most of the day.

Friday...I don't remember Friday so I was probably just sick (don't worry I am better now). 

Saturday we did service for family Trujillo.  We just cleaned and organized not too exciting but I took pictures.  So yeah they are lo maximo!

And yeah, Sunday we went to church which was the primary program.  It is about the same as in the states but there are 16 kids in our "big" primary haha and they gave out candy before and after.  It was the best!  (that's what lo maximo means btw) Anyways next week p-day is late but I will talk to you on your Christmas (it is a million degrees here and I said I only want Christmas with snow haha... jk kind of).

I love you guys so much I hope you are all amazing and healthy.  Thanks again for all the support it make it so much easier you are all amazing and I love and miss you! mwah

Peru thing: I whole heartedly believe there are only 2 stop lights here but it is awesome when they turn red.  Acrobats and performers do shows in the street while you wait!

my white elephant gift

my chuyo (Peru beanie)

Me and Elder Johansen (my buddy from the MTC)

pictures from the Christmas party

my buddy Adriano

me and Elder Hirst (MTC companion)

Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas Lights

Hey Guys,

So this week we had a meeting and I taught the A-Z game as English practice.  Remember that game?  Haha.  Then I got 3 packages!!!  It was so awesome!  Thanks billions!  Then I had 2 intercombios this week one with Elder Benavides who speaks zero English then one with Elder Huaman who is just lazy so yeah.

So I found out I weigh 138 pounds now.  Haha I told you I lost a lot.

So we had service and we cleaned our pension's (I think that might be bishop's?  not sure) "yard" that term is used very loosely since it is just dirt.  Then we had a pollada which cost 12 soles for a tin
y bit of gross food but whatever.

So my mom here is Hermana Sonia and she lectured me about writing home.  Haha.  She's awesome and says don't worry she is making sure I'm safe and healthy!

Well that was my week.  I love and miss y'all!!  mwah.

my land lady heard i missed the lights of christmas so this is our building now haha it is awesome

Monday, November 28, 2016

It's Hot.

So this week was good!  We taught football to the Latinos and then I had 2 intercambios (one day transfers- I had to ask him what that meant) so no English for a while.   That sucks but we do have water!  And the other day I had to twinkle so bad I accidentally broke my key to the apartment!

So we do these things for Christmas and one was spend time with a blind person.  So we took Arturo for hamburgers.  Then a ward member took him home but they got lost.  They called and after they got off the phone one of the guys said, "Guys! We sent the blind leading the blind!"  It was so funny but so bad!  haha!

this is my snowman haha i love it i play with it constantly it is so fun to build then watch melt!!!

this picture is my ac it is a fan taped to the ceiling cause summer is so freaking hot!!!!!

And I thought his letter couldn't get much shorter... :)

This week was good we had 2 baptisms and then a wedding.  It as super fun to get to go to.  Then I went on splits with another gringo from New York.  He is new too so our lessons were a bit hard.  But they went OK.  Then a dog came into sacrament meeting and no one cared!  It just was normal haha!  I hate those things!

My comp this morning thought it was a good idea to flood the room to clean the tile so we are going to the park later while it dries.  But yeah not a ton just same old same old being a missionary haha!

Love and miss you all! 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

The fire station and showering in a bucket

The only email I got this week was a few pictures.  I did catch him online and chat for a couple of minutes and he gave me an update for the week. 
So this week I got to visit firefighters and I got kissed for the first time just on the cheek like in Europe.  It is a friend thing here but still super weird.  Then we ate like 2 kilos of octopus but it was actually super good!!  Then we had no water and I became a hipster!  I kinda like it.  Elder Hernandez has no money so we walk everywhere and I lost more weight.

OK... what did you at the fire station? Octopus yuck!  Why did you have no water and for how long and what made you a hipster? How much weight did you lose? Have you found any new people to teach? Do you tract to find them?

We just hung out (I think at the fire station)  I don't know why (the water is gone) just cause it is Peru they don't always have it.  My haircut it is shaved on the sides and super long on top (why he is a hipster)
yeah we have 2 new ones (contacts) no, no tracting just referrals and contacts.

Oh and I'm the new english speacialist but I dont know if it is cause I learned enough Spanish to help people or cause they gave up on me trying to learn haha.

Maybe next week he will have time to explain what an English specialist is?  And why Elder Hernandez has no money?  And how bad does he smell from showering in a bucket.  

so this week was crazy so we visited the fire department that was awesome

we haven't had water so that bucket is my shower it also shows how i became a hipster this week cause i got a haircut and that is the only option besides bald

I've been meaning to send pics of our tiny bathroom it is under a staircase and about 4 ft tall haha

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Transfers sort of

This week not a ton happened but we did have a baptism so that was awesome!  This lady was my first invite so that is way cool too!   Her kid is super cute.

It was transfers and the half way mark of my training.  I am excited to be done.  No transfers though but I found some cool stuff at the market that I am excited about! Yeah not a ton of stuff happened.  My Spanish is getting better and I can actually say what I want know and I think in Spanish which is weird but good.  Today we are going to the fire department so that’ll be cool.  I love using my medical stuff to help people whenever I can.  It has been a huge blessing in my life.

Sorry not a ton this week.  We have kinda run out of people so not a ton happens.  I will try this week to get pics of our areas they are crazy!  It’ll blow your mind well I love you all have an amazing week mwah!

look i got packages

this is our baptism this week

Monday, November 7, 2016

Painting and a Skull

This week was good not a ton happened.  We have run out of people to teach so that sucks.  Our last one is being baptized Saturday so we have to find more.  The one with the skull lives like an hour walk away.  It is crazy!  For service we painted a building and it was so messy!  They paint crazy here with hands and with crappy brushes but we had a blast.  Halloween was weird no one celebrates to much.  But ten day of the dead was so creepy!  Everyone was all sad and we sat the cemetery all day so we didn’t teach a ton.  But the cemetery is pretty!  Lots of flowers!  So my friend Joseph in the picture is awesome!  He speaks English like really well.  He wants to study in the U.S. so we always speak English.

So here Facebook is huge and so if you guys start getting weird friends don’t worry they are my investigators haha!  People here are so different but good different.  It makes things interesting.  I love being a gringo and hearing all the crazy stuff people have to say and all the questions they have.  Spanish is getting easier I understand almost everything so that helps but talking is difficult.  I am finally feeling a bit better.  I have lost tons of weight though so that is funny cause I eat a lot but only lose weight.  

I hope you all are doing great and I will have more next week cause we have a baptism Saturday!

I love you all and love hearing from you all!  Miss you tons have an amazing week!  Mwah.


this is my buddy joseph he speaks english and celebrated halloween
we painted this room it was so fun
our investigator has a real skull in their house it is so freakin creepy i wont touch it

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Happy Halloween

So I am late posting the letter this week.  We had a little family emergency.  Long story but a problem with my landlord resulted in us moving last weekend.  I just got internet hooked up this morning.  So here we go...

Hey Guys!

I am so sad!  Halloween is my favorite thing in the whole world!  My comp hates it cause in Dominican Republic it is super bad.  So yeah, we get in fights a lot about it.  This week was good not a ton happened.  I got to go back to Lurin.  I love that place.  I want that as my area.  They have awesome shops and stuff.  My comp only wants to sleep so I haven’t seen much of the market.  One day I will just drag him there.

Me and another trainee went on splits.  They are trying a new thing and yeah... It is weird.  Neither of us knew anything and we were lost a lot.  He is Bolivian so it was a bit easier.  This week he comes here to Villa Alejandro so we will see how that goes.  We might die.  It is sketchy here.

Our bishop is awesome!  He is 28 (crazy right???) but he is so funny!  He owns a restaurant that is like 5 stars.  It is the best food ever!  I love eating there!!  We had a super funny ward family night.  It was crazy but we were all dying laughing by the end of it!  Our new investigator is this lady that has cancer.  She is so nice and always tries to feed us but we can’t eat at member’s houses.  She makes awesome hats though.  They are so cool!  I’m gonna buy some.

Let’s see what else??  People here are so gross!  They use the streets as toilets and that scares me!  You cant un-see that.  Oh so the french fries and hot dogs (the picture from the last post) is a real dish here.  I forgot to explain.  It is called Salchipapas we eat it all the time.  It is way popular here.  Oh and they have these scones with cheese in and ham yumm!!!  

Yeah that is about all this week not to much going on.  My Spanish is getting better and I am getting adjusted alright.  I love and miss you all so very much have an amazing week mwah!!


lima at night and there are always fireworks I love nights

i love my shirt

we got lunch in the park after service but it made me so sick

Monday, October 24, 2016

Another week down...

Hey Guys!

Another week down... wow this is long!  Sorry my spelling is bad.  I just type as fast as I can and then send it cause I just wanna tell you everything.

So this week was fine we did service at a park a real park.  It was crazy.   It had grass and trees that were green!  I was amazed but then they fed us and I was already sick and that didn’t help at all.  I was dying.  I hate being sick it sucks.  Saturday we had two baptisms and I got to do one of them!  It was so great!  His name is Arturo he is blind but he is the best!  And then we baptized his niece Michel she is cool to but yeah I love Arturo!  He is so great!  After he just hugged me and thanked me so much.  It was so awesome!  Oh but before that in the morning we had to clean the church for the baptism and I now know why we don’t drink the water.   In the bottom of the font there was an inch of dirt it was so gross!  Someone didn’t empty it and it was just sitting there.   Ickkkk!  Anyways we found out that we don’t have a key to that and so I had to climb over the glass and walk on the handrail.  I have never been so grateful for Ron’s balance beam (his tumbling coach before he left) but hey I guess there is a reason for everything.

This place is so dirty it is ridiculous we clean all the time.   Then by the morning it is just as dirty I hate it!   Also I miss hot showers so much! oh and so my church card is broken and they have no idea why it just is so I have to use personal money and so yeah at the moment I am broke haha!

Let’s see the food here is fun that fruit I sent is nasty but it is so fun to peel.  It is super hard so you crack it like an egg and then it has like cotton in the inside covering the egg fruit stuff.   But yeah, it taste weird not my favorite.  It was our land lady’s b-day the other day and that was fun she brought us cake and food yumm.  Oh so the milk here is gross!  So I put chocolate yogurt on everything but yogurt here is like Danimals so it is yummy!  Haha anyways that was my week.  I love and miss you all so very much!  You guys are great.  Love you mwah!
this is our baptism

the weirdest thing i have ever eaten it is called granadia it is a nasty fruit

Monday, October 17, 2016

Long Week

So I try to keep this just stuff that Tyler writes but today I am going to make an exception.  Tyler is so grateful for the letters he receives I know it is expensive to send them but please continue to.  He has very little time on the internet and he has to use it at a little cafe and it is expensive so he can’t write back to everyone and he is worried that he is forgetting people.  He doesn’t want to offend anyone or make anyone feel bad.  Please keep sending him letters and writing whether he is able to write back or not.  He will make whatever effort he can to get back to you!


I don’t have a ton of time to write but I feel like I am not able to express to everyone how I feel and that people are being forgotten.  It is so hard to only have this little time on a slow computer and in this cafe thing but yeah.  I am loving the people and the food is so good but I’m struggling a bit. 

My week was really long and hard we taught lots of lessons but we got to do exchanges so that was cool.  I got a cool guy from Utah and he is so nice.  We stayed up talking tons just about everything and that helped a little but he is so spiritual.  He went to the MTC here and he learned the language super fast.  So that is great for him and he was a big help cause he could understand how it was to try to adjust.   I have just been so sick for the whole time and I don’t know what I have but I get killer headaches.  Everything hurts and I have a horrible cough and runny nose.  It sucks.  But this week we have two baptisms.  One for Artuto a blind guy who is awesome and then for his sister Michel.  In the last week picture my comp is the other one in a suit on the far side of me.  

I am sorry this letter sucks because I really just don’t have time.  The food here rocks they have these passion fruits that are amazing!  They are so great and they eat it on all sorts of stuff.   And it is funny Facebook is huge here right now and that’s all they do so that is kinda funny.  Um yeah I don’t know.  Love and miss you all!

me and my comp

yummy food here

hanging laundry

 (this last picture is because last year when we were in Mexico we were trying to get a picture of the laundry hanging on the lines outside of the tiny little homes.  Tyler thought he could do a better job so he took the camera and the picture he took was of a satellite dish on the side of one of the houses.  He had heard us talking about how cool looking the hanging laundry was he obviously missed the laundry part and thought the cool thing was the cable television in the very tiny little homes.  I sooo miss him!)

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 2

Hey Guys!

So Monday is p day now so yeah expect that from now on.  This week was good but hard.  We had our first baptism though on Saturday.  That was awesome!  Our days are still a lot of studying because I have to be in training for 12 weeks.  But I have invited for 2 baptisms and they both said yes.  So that is cool.  The one lady was super easy.  We told her about baptism and she just was like yeah I want to do that.  So that was awesome. 

Let’s see... we have this guy who was a missionary and got home the day I got here.   He comes with us everyday to teach.   I have been sick these last few days and that has sucked so bad! 

Anyway let’s see... I am excited!  We have a blind investigator and we got money to buy him a mp3 with the Book of Mormon so he can listen to it.  He is way cool.  We go get him for church every week and he will be baptized at the end of the week.

There are dogs everywhere here and everyone drinks coffee but they call it Mormon coffee.  It is super funny and different.  Also I forget that breast feeding isn’t weird to do in public in other places so that took me by surprise.  Also the toys for kids have been awesome!  I give them out all the time.  Let’s see... we get to nap sometimes if we finish eating early! That is awesome but I haven’t gotten used to how they eat here.  It is a huge lunch then nothing else.  But we have hot chocolate and saltines every night so that is yummy.

I still don’t understand much but it is fun to be a gringo.  I get lots of attention and kids stare at me everywhere I go.  I make faces at them and so I am sure that doesn’t help.  Our house is tiny and we don’t have much but it is still fun.  Some days are hard cause I just want a hot shower.  Apparently there is a way to do it but we haven’t figured it out yet.  Some days go super fast but then some like yesterday are painfully slow.  I think about you guys a lot.  It was cool there was a missionary that finished yesterday and his parents came by to pick him up.  They chatted with me it was nice to speak English!

But yeah!  That was my week.  Love you guys so much mwah!! 
Our baptism

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Pachacamac Villa Alejandro

Hey Guys!

I made it here after a very very long day of travel.  We left the mtc after not really sleeping all night at 4:50am and we took trax to SLC airport.  Then we had a flight to Atlanta and that wasn’t bad.  I sat by people I knew so that was fun.  When we got to Atlanta we had a 2ish hour layover and that was fun.  I loved taking to everyone and it was so great to hear everyone is doing well.  Our flight was so long and the plane broke so we sat on the tarmac for an hour while it was fixed.  Then we were off.

The lady sitting next to me was super cool.  She was from Peru so we spoke Spanish most the flight.   The flight was horribly long and we got here at 2:30 in the morning.  We went to the AP house to sleep for two hours then at 5 we woke up and went to meetings.  The meetings were so fun!  They spoke English.  It is a rule here that everyone has to know English so that is cool but still hard to communicate.  Our breakfast was so great though!  They drink everything here so we had Peruvian yogurt which is like Danimals it is way good!  And we ate bread my favorite haha!  After that we played some games with the mission president and his wife.  They are both so nice.  I get to see them tomorrow to so that is awesome.

At about 1 we went up and we got our areas and companions.  You ready??? drum role... haha!  My comps name is Elder Hernandez.  He is from the Dominican Republic and he was a firefighter there.  It gives us lots to talk about cause of my EMT stuff.  He is way awesome and our area is called Pachacamac Villa Alejandro.  It is super fun but none of you would come here haha!  It was described funny by our mission secretary.  He said it is a lot of dogs dirt and dust.  And yeah! that sums it up nicely. You should Google it and look around.  It is a fun place.

But anyway we have a pesionista and she is an awesome cook.  She makes great food but sometimes it is spicy!  We have already taught a lesson and we did street contacts last night so that was fun.  I learned how to give out the cards but it was hard!  Elder Hernandez gave out 14 and I gave out 1 haha!  I need more practice. Anyway this morning we had a meeting and it was in Spanish.   I understood very little and I almost fell asleep.  But I met lots of people and that was awesome.  They knew Colby Krantz when he was here and that was cool.

But yeah.  I think that was my days here.  I am loving it and it is flying by.  Have an amazing week guys and wish me luck!  Love and miss you most!!!   Sorry for no photos this computer is the slowest thing in the world and I am running out of time. I’ll send them next week.  I love you and miss you all!

No pictures this week so I looked up images of his area.  
Image result for Pachacamac Villa Alejandro.Image result for Pachacamac Villa Alejandro.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

He Made it to Peru

Tyler flew out yesterday to Peru and today I got this email from Tyler's mission president with this letter from Ty:

Dear Bearss Family,

Sister McGinn and I thank you for trusting us with your son.  We are thankful that he is serving in the best mission in the world.  We know that missionaries are called by revelation and that your son is where the Lord wants him to be at this time in his life.  In 3 John 1:4 we read, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.”  We testify that your son’s service will bring joy to you all and bless the lives of thousands.  We love your son and we will do our best to take care of him.


President and Hermana McGinn
Peru Lima South Mission

Hey Guys!

I made it!  The flight was long but it is so exciting to finally be here!  The people are nice and so far the food is great.  We had bread and yogurt for breakfast but yogurt here is like Danimals!  Yummy!  The city and culture here is awesome but the streets are loud and I don't think people sleep here.  There were kids playing soccer at 2:30 in the morning.  People honk for no reason and for some reason all the trees are spray painted white.  We have meetings for now but later today I get my area and trainer.  I love the mission president.  He is awesome and so nice and his wife is too.  They promise to take care of me.  This is a very different place.  Just dirt, dust, and garbage.  No hot water and sometimes no electricity but I already love it and have learned lots!  I love and miss you all so much!

Elder Bearss 


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

drum roll please....

Hey Guys!!!!!

I am outta here in like 6 days!!!!! I got flight plans Friday night and I am so excited!  I leave at 4:50 on Tuesday morning and I fly to Atlanta.  Then from Atlanta to Peru and then I have a bus ride to get to the mission home.   So yeah it is like 20 something hours of travel.  I get into Peru at like midnight so its gonna be a long day...

My week this week wasn't anything amazing just the same old stuff.  Alright so last Tuesday our devotional speaker served in Lima Peru so we chatted with him after and that was cool.

Wednesday was a crazy day we taught tons of lessons and we got to Skype a guy in Ecuador.  It kinda sucked though.  Skype is not the best communication when you are trying to learn a language cause the lag chops up words and then you can't see there gestures or mouths moving to figure out words.  So that was hard.  And his kids kept climbing all over which was funny cause the kids were cute.  They spoke a little English so we would ask a question in Spanish and they would answer in English and they would be so proud it was hilarious!  Later that night we talked with a investigator named Maribel she is super cool.  We got to ask her all about what it is like to be an investigator and how we can make our lessons better.  So that was cool but of course it was in Spanish and she is Mexican so she speaks very fast!

Thursday was fine it was our last lesson with Julio but no one told us so that was sad.  He is our friend but anyway it was a cool lesson.  We have our pamphlets (I hate that word it is hard to spell in English) and one of the English ones goes through all the rooms of the temple.  It shows pictures and explains each room but since it was English I had to translate.  So that was way hard but he loved the lesson so I think I did an ok job.  That night was fun though we got to be trc investigators for one of the new districts.  It was super fun and it felt kinda good cause then you can see that you really are learning.  I remember that I was there not to long ago and now I can talk pretty well.

Let's see then it was Friday.  I got my flight plans and we spoke Spanish all day.  That day so that was cool but I also had double class which is when I have 6 straight hours of class instead of having it broken up.  I hate having it like that but oh well.  

Saturday was the 24th so that meant I have been here one month.  Woohoo!  Only like 22 months and a few days more!!!! haha!  Anyways we had service and had to clean bathrooms again bleh!!  Then we had class but our class has just been reviews.  Which are good for some people but I get really bored and so I play with silly putty and talk a lot!!  Let's see we had double class again cause of women's conference.  Oh! but we did play in the rain cause it won't rain in Peru so we have enjoyed the days of rain.  We splash in puddles and just lay out in it haha!  The only down side is we couldn't play soccer till Monday but on Monday I got 2 goals so that was fun!  

Sunday was chill so that was good.  I did have to give a prayer in sacrament meeting but then we just hung out and cleaned and stuff till the devotional.   The guy was awesome.  I don't remember his name but he was funny and he would have us stand up and answer questions.  It was super funny!  Then we went and watched the 17 Miracles movie.   I have seen it before so I kinda fell asleep a little but oh well.  

Monday was a normal day it was weird to not teach all day though.  We did our practice ones but those don't count cause it is just with each other.  But we studied and we started this thing where we go around the room and tell a story or something you like about each person.  My district was pretty funny doing it cause not many of us know each other very well.  So it was funny to watch.  But yeah then I just hung out with Johansen a bit and we all reviewed commands.  They are easy in Spanish and we always use them so most the class was us yelling funny commands at each other.

Today has been fine we got up and did some laundry and then we hung out and emailed a little.  Then we went and played volleyball, then we showered and now we are emailing again.  I need a haircut but I am so scared cause peoples haircuts are either really good or really horrible.  So yeah I'm a little frightened.  I love and miss you all sooooooo much thanks so much for the packages this week and my next email will be from Peru!!!!!! Love you guys!!!! Be safe and have an amazing week!

i came out of the room to find this going on they were ironing the shirts they were wearing

haymore got stuck trying to escape from a punch balloon battle haha

playin in our last rain storm​

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

14 days left in this prison sentence (September 20, 2016)

Hey Fam!

Whats up?  I loved hearing from you all and i am so glad that everyone is doing great and having fun.  That picture of me is so funny!

Quick story for explanation.  This picture was posted on Facebook by a lady who lives in Lehi and took her daughter to the MTC.  Tyler was the helper missionary.  A friend of mine saw it and forwarded it to me.  This is what she said.  " Does anyone know this cute smile? Elder Bearss was helping Jessica with her luggage and we found out that he's from Saratoga Springs! Hoped I could pass along the photo to his family if anyone could help out. He was super sweet, friendly, and helpful!!!" 

I was having so much fun talking and helping everyone.  I was so sad that they didn't have me do it again this week!

So I kinda knew I wouldn't make it but I don't get to sing in conference all that work for nothing dang it!!  Oh well, mostly i just go cause Hirst likes it a lot.  This week was pretty lax but we all officially went insane.  Everyone started pulling pranks on each other to the point where security walks the hall most the night haha!  It all started last Tuesday night.  Haymore was hanging out in the lounge and Christensen offered him some chocolate from a Hershey bar.  Well he actually had pieces from a laxative bar and fed 4 of them to Haymore... it was a long night.  Then someone got an air horn in a package  So they duct taped it and threw it down the vent (that may have been my room). The tape didn't stick to well cause it stopped after a min so they fished it back out and ran around the halls of the English side (we have a feud) blaring it at like midnight.  Let's see that day was Wednesday so then we also hosted and they posted that dumb looking pic of me.  I am going insane and that was the most fun I've had in weeks.  I loved seeing all the new people and hearing all the cool places they were going.  I messed around so much that day it was great.  Let's see did I tell you about Hirst hurting his hand?  Well Blaze jumped him and Elder Monson on there way to the vending machine.   After a few days we went to the docs and they took x-rays (We got to go outside!!!) and then they sent him to a hand specialist.  So we spent most of yesterday there but it was outside!  I was like a little kid I had a huge smile and I talked to every person that we walked past it was so fun!

Let's see what else... oh so another thing that continued the feud is our side loves to make the bathroom like a sauna and sit in there during free time.  Well the other side hates it and they started a fight on Friday so that was kinda funny.  Oh and Hirst is strange sometimes.  The other day he was being really weird.  He started the day by playing with this girls hair in front of us in a meeting.  Then we went on splits for a bit to host but later that night i was talking and looked over at him to find him sticking things in the outlet!?  I had to physically take his stuff away cause he kept doing it!!   Oh and also he has to sit on his hands when he talks cause our teacher is sick of him talking with his hands. That is funny cause he can't speak Spanish without doing it.  So he just sits there quiet and usually falls asleep in the corner!  Oh so this place is so boring we all learn new skills.  They are dumb ones though cause they have to be done sitting in a class.  But anyway I learned how to solve Rubik's cubes it only took like 2 days but I figured it out.  Now it is way easy and it kills time really well!  Oh so also we got a ping pong table thing this week and now no one will ever leave our room.   There is this trophy they all pass around it is a trump hat.  They all wear it and on the back they wrote yo soy el mejor which kinda translates to "I am the best."

Yesterday my teacher didn't have any plans since we finished our grammar book so we went and did street contact.  We ended up as a group talking to 149 people me and Hirst had 23.   That's pretty good for a half hour of running around!

Well that was my week besides my normal class and stuff I didn't take a ton of pics but here's a few.  I love you all and can't wait to talk to ya'll later love ya and miss ya tons!

the guys in my district play the what are the odds game a lot and it may have been one reason we were asked to leave the cafe this is one of the worse things someone ate yesterday it was a dozen eggs

​this is elder johansen he is my best buddy here i love him to death he is super shy but so funny when you get him talking! we are going to the same mission and i hope we can be companions one day!