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future missionary

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Finally Pday!

So I've been waiting and waiting for pday.  I'm kind of an idiot and until Saturday I was thinking or maybe not thinking that I had to wait until pday to write to Tyler.  It occurred to me I could write any old time I wanted.  I have written a lot since then but carried my phone around jumping every time it tells me I have an email.  Today I got one.  It seemed like forever.  Last night I was laying in bed thinking I was handling things surprisingly well.  I cried but not excessively at the farewell and I cried all day long the day I dropped him off but felt that was understandable.  I miss him but I feel a little numb and have been able to control my emotions for the most part.  I was a little proud of myself.  Then I went to work today.  In my defense the girl who was supposed to be working with me didn't show up and no one would come in.  Red Balloon isn't crazy busy but it is busy enough that you need 2 people.  I was fine but busy.  Then my phone went off.  I had a second so I looked at it.  An email from Tyler Douglas Bearss.  I almost dropped my phone.  I opened it and started reading and about 2 sentences in I started bawling.  I was alone so I couldn't run into the bathroom or in the stock room or anywhere out of sight I just stood there in the front crying my stupid little eyes out.  I felt an explanation would be better so I the customers how I just dropped my son off a week ago and I finally got an email and he sounded like himself!  It's not that super churchy is bad or that I don't like mega spiritual kinds of folk but I'm not really very good at being like that.  I have been really worried that I would send my babies off on missions and they would come back to preach to me and be completely different people than I sent off.  It might still turn out that way but he still sounds like my boy.  The boy I miss.  The boy I love sooo much.  I realized at that point not only was I crying but I was publicly blubbering.  Proud moment.

Hey Mom!

Yes! I miss you and all the kids like crazy.  It is finally p day and I am waiting for my wash to be done my week has been long but exciting and very spiritual, I'm not sure how I feel about that but I guess that's my life now.  My companero es awesome his name is Elder Hirst he is from Spanish Fork and he has all sisters and is like a foot and a half taller than me!  Brendan (a fellow missionary cousin of his) put it really well when he said it is prison with the spirit we sit in class for 9 hours a day then we eat in between and the food sucks.  It has made us all sick so I only eat dinner most days.  I am learning Spanish so fast and my district is amazing. Wednesday was scary and I missed you all so much and it was so long.  A funny thing one of the elders in my district when we were waiting for companeros yelled out "ooh she can be mine" when one of the sisters walked in! it was hilarious. by the way sorry the spelling is bad (I'm doing lots of editing, You're welcome) we only speak Spanish and our computers are in Spanish to so no auto correct! anyways Thursday was super long and 6:30 came way to fast I had a hard day I missed people a ton and didn't know if I could do this but I got through it with some help and encouragement.  On a better note though all but one of us have girlfriends and we talk about them a ton it drives the hermanas insane but its all we got.  People are driven nuts here one kid ate laxatives and then he regretted it so he chugged sprite and ate bananas until he threw up it was nasty!  We also get in trouble a lot! haha whoops I might be a bad influence on elder Hirst cause he is an awesome guy but we were tired so during study we took a siesta and that was apparently not allowed.  Also it is weird the study lounge isn't to study in and we cant talk to anyone but our companero or wear tie pins or have jelly beans in class- which is a good rule elder Christiansen, our district leader (we call him pastel de fruita), spilt the jelly beans everywhere so yeah that was awesome.  We have taught 3 lessons in Spanish already and our investigator is reading the B.O.M. and praying every night and she agreed to be baptized!  We are awesome haha!  Her name is Maria though she is married and has an awesome tattoo and is from Mexico.  It was so cool cause elder Hirst had never spoke Spanish before and yesterday he taught the whole lesson it was great! I love exercise time it is such a good break and I never thought I'd say this but Sundays are the best! They are way fun but they do surprise talks and it has to be en Espanol so that is hard but you learn fast.  Then on Sundays we went on a walk to the temple and took cheesy pics but yeah.  We also joined choir (ummmm say what?!) and we sing tonight at the devotional! it is kinda fun but the first night we learned we weren't tenors really fast haha it was special!  (oh I bet it was!)  Also in my room there is a kid named Blaze he played basketball at Lehi and he is super funny every night he complains he is cold and so he tries to climb into beds with everyone it is funny.  Thanks so much for the letters and email they made my day so amazing but I cried.  It is sad I miss you all so very much and I cant wait to be home with all of you it seems like a party there and that's awesome cam and payt (the 3 of them take a tumbling class together and learned a new trick last week.)  i miss tumbling every once in a while we will do some stuff here and that is funny. (I think he means he has tried a few new tricks himself but I'm not gonna ask because I don't really want to know) but yeah there is so much that i want to tell you guys we have done so much fun stuff and my district is so fun.  We are a family and we are all so tight it is great and they call me elder Osos (Ty and I joked before he left that his name should be Elder Osos because it means Elder Bears) haha I told you it'd catch on haha! but yeah I am excited to get more packages please send more emails and letters I can only respond Tuesday but I can read them whenever and write letters whenever so yeah.  I love you all so much and this is churchy but I learned my testimony en espanol and I am so proud of it so I am going to write it yo creo que la iglesia es verdadero y es muy importante in nuestro vidas yo se que jesucristo y padre celestial quierren pueder feliz i se que jose smith es un profeta de dios y que dios puede communication por nosotros cuando nos tenemos el espiritu santos. yo hablo este en el nombre de jesucristo amen. Cool right! that was with no translate or book so it might not be perfect but it is a start and I am so excited to serve God and the people of Peru.  I love you and todo mi familia so much have an amazing week and I cant wait to tell you more!


Elder Bearss
this is all the room i have i cant live like this!!!

this is us today on p day we are rocking our shades and I'm
wearing purple of course

​a cheezy pic of the temple we went this morning and did sealings so that was cool we had never done that
another cheezy pic

Choir practice

More choir practice

Ok I just have to say it... Choir practice?  My boy?  Huh...

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Yesterday August 24, 2016 I dropped my baby off at the Provo MTC to start his mission to Lima, Peru, South.   I was dreading it I had nightmares about it.  You know how you dread something bad enough to have nightmares and when it actually happens it is no big deal?  It wasn't like that.  It was actually pretty close to the nightmare.  Not that anything went horribly wrong but there is not much worse of a nightmare for a mom than one her babies being pulled out of the car and whisked away.  Which is exactly how it went.  Last night I got a quick email from him the subject line was "I'm alive" kinda like a ransom note.   He had about as much to say as a ransom note but at least his captors seem to be treating him nicely and are releasing him eventually.

Hey Guys!   They are just letting me send a email to one address and really fast sorry so will you forward this to everyone?  I am here for six weeks and today has been exhausting we have just gone to classes a very long spanish class then some general meetings.  We speak Spanish a lot and I have already met fun people.  My companion's name is Elder Hirst he is a cool guy from Spanish Fork and he is super tall. (something I am sure Ty is jealous of)  I love and miss you guys so much and my release date is August 7, 2018.  I have to go quick cause we are on a tour.

This is all very surreal and hard for my mind to grasp.  Things seem normal for a minute then I remember and my stomach sinks again.  People keep telling me it gets easier and I'll find a new normal so I'll keep looking for that.   711 days and they only go one at a time.  I don't know his p-day yet so until then I'll keep jumping for my phone everytime I hear the little ding.  I set the email notification sound to be the Disneyland entrance tone because that is my new happiest place on earth.