future missionary

future missionary

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

drum roll please....

Hey Guys!!!!!

I am outta here in like 6 days!!!!! I got flight plans Friday night and I am so excited!  I leave at 4:50 on Tuesday morning and I fly to Atlanta.  Then from Atlanta to Peru and then I have a bus ride to get to the mission home.   So yeah it is like 20 something hours of travel.  I get into Peru at like midnight so its gonna be a long day...

My week this week wasn't anything amazing just the same old stuff.  Alright so last Tuesday our devotional speaker served in Lima Peru so we chatted with him after and that was cool.

Wednesday was a crazy day we taught tons of lessons and we got to Skype a guy in Ecuador.  It kinda sucked though.  Skype is not the best communication when you are trying to learn a language cause the lag chops up words and then you can't see there gestures or mouths moving to figure out words.  So that was hard.  And his kids kept climbing all over which was funny cause the kids were cute.  They spoke a little English so we would ask a question in Spanish and they would answer in English and they would be so proud it was hilarious!  Later that night we talked with a investigator named Maribel she is super cool.  We got to ask her all about what it is like to be an investigator and how we can make our lessons better.  So that was cool but of course it was in Spanish and she is Mexican so she speaks very fast!

Thursday was fine it was our last lesson with Julio but no one told us so that was sad.  He is our friend but anyway it was a cool lesson.  We have our pamphlets (I hate that word it is hard to spell in English) and one of the English ones goes through all the rooms of the temple.  It shows pictures and explains each room but since it was English I had to translate.  So that was way hard but he loved the lesson so I think I did an ok job.  That night was fun though we got to be trc investigators for one of the new districts.  It was super fun and it felt kinda good cause then you can see that you really are learning.  I remember that I was there not to long ago and now I can talk pretty well.

Let's see then it was Friday.  I got my flight plans and we spoke Spanish all day.  That day so that was cool but I also had double class which is when I have 6 straight hours of class instead of having it broken up.  I hate having it like that but oh well.  

Saturday was the 24th so that meant I have been here one month.  Woohoo!  Only like 22 months and a few days more!!!! haha!  Anyways we had service and had to clean bathrooms again bleh!!  Then we had class but our class has just been reviews.  Which are good for some people but I get really bored and so I play with silly putty and talk a lot!!  Let's see we had double class again cause of women's conference.  Oh! but we did play in the rain cause it won't rain in Peru so we have enjoyed the days of rain.  We splash in puddles and just lay out in it haha!  The only down side is we couldn't play soccer till Monday but on Monday I got 2 goals so that was fun!  

Sunday was chill so that was good.  I did have to give a prayer in sacrament meeting but then we just hung out and cleaned and stuff till the devotional.   The guy was awesome.  I don't remember his name but he was funny and he would have us stand up and answer questions.  It was super funny!  Then we went and watched the 17 Miracles movie.   I have seen it before so I kinda fell asleep a little but oh well.  

Monday was a normal day it was weird to not teach all day though.  We did our practice ones but those don't count cause it is just with each other.  But we studied and we started this thing where we go around the room and tell a story or something you like about each person.  My district was pretty funny doing it cause not many of us know each other very well.  So it was funny to watch.  But yeah then I just hung out with Johansen a bit and we all reviewed commands.  They are easy in Spanish and we always use them so most the class was us yelling funny commands at each other.

Today has been fine we got up and did some laundry and then we hung out and emailed a little.  Then we went and played volleyball, then we showered and now we are emailing again.  I need a haircut but I am so scared cause peoples haircuts are either really good or really horrible.  So yeah I'm a little frightened.  I love and miss you all sooooooo much thanks so much for the packages this week and my next email will be from Peru!!!!!! Love you guys!!!! Be safe and have an amazing week!

i came out of the room to find this going on they were ironing the shirts they were wearing

haymore got stuck trying to escape from a punch balloon battle haha

playin in our last rain storm​

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

14 days left in this prison sentence (September 20, 2016)

Hey Fam!

Whats up?  I loved hearing from you all and i am so glad that everyone is doing great and having fun.  That picture of me is so funny!

Quick story for explanation.  This picture was posted on Facebook by a lady who lives in Lehi and took her daughter to the MTC.  Tyler was the helper missionary.  A friend of mine saw it and forwarded it to me.  This is what she said.  " Does anyone know this cute smile? Elder Bearss was helping Jessica with her luggage and we found out that he's from Saratoga Springs! Hoped I could pass along the photo to his family if anyone could help out. He was super sweet, friendly, and helpful!!!" 

I was having so much fun talking and helping everyone.  I was so sad that they didn't have me do it again this week!

So I kinda knew I wouldn't make it but I don't get to sing in conference all that work for nothing dang it!!  Oh well, mostly i just go cause Hirst likes it a lot.  This week was pretty lax but we all officially went insane.  Everyone started pulling pranks on each other to the point where security walks the hall most the night haha!  It all started last Tuesday night.  Haymore was hanging out in the lounge and Christensen offered him some chocolate from a Hershey bar.  Well he actually had pieces from a laxative bar and fed 4 of them to Haymore... it was a long night.  Then someone got an air horn in a package  So they duct taped it and threw it down the vent (that may have been my room). The tape didn't stick to well cause it stopped after a min so they fished it back out and ran around the halls of the English side (we have a feud) blaring it at like midnight.  Let's see that day was Wednesday so then we also hosted and they posted that dumb looking pic of me.  I am going insane and that was the most fun I've had in weeks.  I loved seeing all the new people and hearing all the cool places they were going.  I messed around so much that day it was great.  Let's see did I tell you about Hirst hurting his hand?  Well Blaze jumped him and Elder Monson on there way to the vending machine.   After a few days we went to the docs and they took x-rays (We got to go outside!!!) and then they sent him to a hand specialist.  So we spent most of yesterday there but it was outside!  I was like a little kid I had a huge smile and I talked to every person that we walked past it was so fun!

Let's see what else... oh so another thing that continued the feud is our side loves to make the bathroom like a sauna and sit in there during free time.  Well the other side hates it and they started a fight on Friday so that was kinda funny.  Oh and Hirst is strange sometimes.  The other day he was being really weird.  He started the day by playing with this girls hair in front of us in a meeting.  Then we went on splits for a bit to host but later that night i was talking and looked over at him to find him sticking things in the outlet!?  I had to physically take his stuff away cause he kept doing it!!   Oh and also he has to sit on his hands when he talks cause our teacher is sick of him talking with his hands. That is funny cause he can't speak Spanish without doing it.  So he just sits there quiet and usually falls asleep in the corner!  Oh so this place is so boring we all learn new skills.  They are dumb ones though cause they have to be done sitting in a class.  But anyway I learned how to solve Rubik's cubes it only took like 2 days but I figured it out.  Now it is way easy and it kills time really well!  Oh so also we got a ping pong table thing this week and now no one will ever leave our room.   There is this trophy they all pass around it is a trump hat.  They all wear it and on the back they wrote yo soy el mejor which kinda translates to "I am the best."

Yesterday my teacher didn't have any plans since we finished our grammar book so we went and did street contact.  We ended up as a group talking to 149 people me and Hirst had 23.   That's pretty good for a half hour of running around!

Well that was my week besides my normal class and stuff I didn't take a ton of pics but here's a few.  I love you all and can't wait to talk to ya'll later love ya and miss ya tons!

the guys in my district play the what are the odds game a lot and it may have been one reason we were asked to leave the cafe this is one of the worse things someone ate yesterday it was a dozen eggs

​this is elder johansen he is my best buddy here i love him to death he is super shy but so funny when you get him talking! we are going to the same mission and i hope we can be companions one day!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

September 13, 2016

Sorry guys!  I couldn’t think of a good title for todays post.  My week was super boring but it went by fast and now I am halfway done with the MTC!  I am so excited.  Thanks to all your guys for the packages they are the best thing ever! 

So Wednesday last week sucked.  Our trc guy Julio didn’t show up for our meeting.  That bummed me out so bad.  Then I got to play volleyball which is like the best thing here!  The sand feels so great and I have a bunch of buddies that love to play too so we have a blast!  So my district is obsessed with this one hymn in espanol it is Jesus es Mi Luz but it is The Lord is My Light we seriously sing it at least 12 times a day.  It gets pretty funny when we are all singing in the shower.  But anyways we all miss music a ton!  We always are singing it is funny our fave on p-day is to the tune of It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas except we say p-day and then do a heel click.  Our zone leader started it and none of us can stop now.  Also we got a new district the one guy is no joke like 4'8.  It is kinda funny we had our weekly soccer game and I scored a goal woohoo!  I was so pumped.  Wednesdays are also good because we get to eat ice cream from the creamery and that is like the best thing!  Also we got Taco Bell which was the MTCs biggest mistake ever!  Giving 2500 guys tacos!!!  I’m just saying, if we had a match the MTC would no longer exist... 

Thursday was not much better our member who was supposed to help us never showed up so that was the worst.  Our lesson was way short and dumb but I guess whatever.  Julio is a cool guy we talk about the weirdest things.  And it’s all in Spanish so Hirst just smiles and nods.  My Spanish is way good.  We had this awesome sub that is teaching us conversational Spanish so we can talk to each other more.  It is so awesome to understand and speak in another language. 

Friday was a good break but it was really boring.  We didn’t teach so we had lots of study time which was good cause we got a bit behind on homework.  Anyways our subs accidentally planned the same so we got the same lesson twice.  That was way boring but yeah.  We have found that silly putty should be a mission necessity.  It keeps us all awake but we play with it 24/7 so it wears out so fast!

Saturday we had service and we finally didn’t have to clean toilets.  That was the best thing ever.  Also I got to talk with Sterling because his class was in the building we were cleaning.  Oh so an example of how bad the food is.  I ate a spinach wrap for dinner and I actually liked it.  But I thought I might die from my body’s shock!!!  We had a lot of class.  But then we were in class and got a blessing!  Some kid hit the fire alarm with a hackysack and set it off.  So we all got a huge break and we took it as God saying good job!  So that was awesome.

Sundays are the best days here.  We got up and planned a lesson and then wrote talks in Spanish.  That is always an adventure.  But I have never given one yet so I am lucky.  I have taught Sunday school twice.  It went well.  It was on the Book of Mormon.  Oh! and our branch president is crazy and a huge nerd!  He was telling us how he is the worlds leading expert on JRR Tolken.  And his elvish languages!  He is fluent in all of them and he has written like 30 books about it.  He tells us all about it and he is so proud!!  It is the funniest thing ever.  He is old and crazy but he is way nice so I like him!  Also M. Russell Ballard spoke at our devotional it was way good and super funny.  I hate taking notes but yeah I have a few somewhere... We have had two general authorities come.  It is so awesome to actually see and hear these prophets speak. Then we watched the new Meet the Mormon segments and they were pretty cool.  I had never seen them before so I liked them.

Monday was just normal but we get to host new missionaries tomorrow and Hirst made a deal to teach the whole lesson to Julio.  So that will be super nice.  Other than that Monday was just a boring day but we have all been pumped for today cause we get to be the most experienced here!

I love you all tons!  I am so excited to get out of here.  I hope Tuesday comes fast again so I can write you all again.  I love you guys and miss you tons!  Have an amazing week and I’ll talk to you soon!!!

I just got my Peru shirt it's sweet

my buddies: from left to right Elders hirst, me, haymore, hunter, neild (blaze), monson, in the middle is christensen and in blue not paying attention is stevens

Hirst gets tired when we wake up at 5:30
we are twinners a lots​​
more matching

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

September 6, 2016

Hey guys!

What’s up?  This week was good it went by way fast but every day here is the same we wake up, study, sit in class, then food, then study, then food, then class, and teaching a lesson... so yeah.

Thanks so much guys for the hilarious letters (Cameron and Olivia tried to write to him in Spanish.  They used a Spanish phrases for kids book and Google translate) they made me and my roommates laugh so hard we were crying just for future reference Google translate doesn’t do the best job haha! they were so cute though keep them coming! My spanish is good. 

 I’ll start with Wednesday though.  It was fun I wore Mads awesome tie she sent and the cool socks that Kalene sent and I wore the shark socks to service they were sexy with joggers!!! but then at lunch we got kicked out of the lunch room cause we were all laughing to hard and "being bad examples to the greenies" haha this place drives you insane very quickly.  Then I got treats from everyone and packages are the best part of every day.  Then we ate ice cream for dinner.  The food here is crappy but on Sundays and Wednesdays we get ice cream.  On Wednesday I was so sick!  Blaze caught a cold and gave it to everyone.  So that sucked!  I am just getting over it!

Then it was Thursday.  I wrote some letters in the morning and then we ate snickerdoodles and planned for our investigator Maria which was lame cause it was a great lesson but guess what? she is really our teacher.  So yeah but she is so cool.  She is a convert and she has cool tattoos and an amazing story.  It made us cry but it was cool.  We gave her our lesson after class anyway cause we were so proud of ourselves haha.  Oh! and so this thing happened they moved all the hermanas out of there dorm and into a different one cause they had bats and some girl got bit and got RABIES!!!!!! haha it sucks for the girl but how crazy is that right!! 

Me and my new buddy Elder Hunter play volleyball now every day it is so fun and we are so good at it we destroy almost everyone (I never thought Churchill helped me with anything but who new???) 

Friday was so long.  I don’t remember a lot of words and how to spell them.  It gets hard speaking a different language every day so I abbreviate a lot I tried to abbrv that haha!  I can’t talk anymore I speak spanglish!!! but anyways it was so long and boring Maria came early so it was 6 straight hours of class then study at night.  We also had soccer draft that was fun.  All my peeps were on the same team and we got third so that was fun! and that’s it that day sucked.

Saturday was great I got a package and it had all sorts of good stuff!  Thanks again Mads and Mama.  Everyone envies me and my amazing fam that sends me stuff.  I love it and I love all you guys so much!  But then we did service and had to wash toilets again gross!!! I hate that job it is punishment for always just telling mom that I had done it haha!!  Then in class we learned and attempted to memorize the first vision (I still need to work on it) but then they gave us tons of homework and gave us 2 new investigators!  One is Yorlin and the other is Julio I’ll get to that later but then Elder Hirst lost his name tag 3 times and we kept having to go pick it up from the front office.  He was a mess then we had our soccer games which I told you we got third.  That was fun and I got letters that day so that was the best I love those!  Oh yeah and Hermana Andrus wants to marry Hirst one day cause her patriarchal blessing says she’ll meet her guy in a spiritual place.  Haha!  He is creeped out.    

Sunday was good I had sent Payt an awesome (not really) present (It was his birthday) I hope he likes it but then me and Hirst went to church and forgot to do homework.  Instead we laid around haha!  My favorite. We taught on obedience and since I suck at it so I let Elder Hirst talk a lot.  I picked my words carefully but yeah that was good.  Chad Lewis spoke but most of us have heard him speak and he tells the same stuff.  We bet on it with cookies and cream milk cause that stuff is currency here haha!  I owe Elder Hunter one but then someone owes me one too so it works out.  Then we watched the Joesph Smith movie and when they would kiss all 2,000 missionaries in the theater would applaud it was hilarious.   

So we also hug a lot here.  One, cause that is “Hello” in Peru and also cause we miss affection haha!  Oh yeah and I am king here cause I have tape and snacks and scissors and a beautiful girlfriend and lots of pics to show off haha!  Me and Sterling hung out a bit.  Then we had the tie draft.  It is funny!  You sign a tie, then they draw names and you pick a new one then next week we will do it again with our new zone cause everyone left today.

Yesterday was super uneventful but it went by fast.  Our room was a fiesta cause we are the coolest and we have a basketball hoop and sodas in our room plus we are just funny.   But we taught Julio and that was stressful he was our trc? but then we went in there and Elder Hirst doesn’t speak.  Julio is from Mazatlan Mexico so we just talked for like 15 min about that and he made fun of Elder Hirst a lot for not speaking and for having all sisters and then for being way tall and skinny.  He is awesome I meet him again tomorrow.  Yorlin ran out of time so I’ll teach her the first lesson tomorrow morning.  That’ll be good hopefully.  Then we got chick-fil-a for dinner!  I ate 3 chicken sandwiches so yeah I was so full but it was delicious!  I miss food and my people...other than that we played volleyball and then all the peeps that left today partied with us till like midnight so it was a blast!  A funny story.  A kid last night ran in with a huge box and yelled "eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die" then he threw the box full of treats and sodas all over so everyone hurried and grabbed stuff.  It was great!  I got mini peanut butter cups and some Dr. Peppers!  

Now it is p-day I went on splits.  So my companion today is Elder Johansen.  He is hilarious and super fun.  We got up early and went to the temple and did sealings.  Then we played beach volleyball and then indoor volleyball and then did laundry and ate.  Now just hanging in sweats and t’s cause the weather finally isn’t hot!!

Ok so I sent you guys fun words last week so I will again.  This weeks words are “chao”- goodbye (my fave to say), “matón”- bully,  “fracasar”- to fail (I think it sounds funny), “bombera”-firefighter (I think it is a cool name), “buenos suenas”- sweet dreams (I say this a lot).  Oh and one last thing my teacher (Maria) now even calls me Elder Osos and I didn’t even tell her that.  She just did it! It was super funny!!

I love and misses you all so much!  I’ll write you more this week but thanks so much for the stuff!  I love you all so much and misses you like crazy. I’ll write you soon!  Loves ya all!

we drank inca cola the other day it is way good like pinapple cream soda

I work hard sometimes...

this is how short i am and how tall elder hirst is

me and sterling

the tie draft

the tie from the draft