future missionary

future missionary

Monday, October 24, 2016

Another week down...

Hey Guys!

Another week down... wow this is long!  Sorry my spelling is bad.  I just type as fast as I can and then send it cause I just wanna tell you everything.

So this week was fine we did service at a park a real park.  It was crazy.   It had grass and trees that were green!  I was amazed but then they fed us and I was already sick and that didn’t help at all.  I was dying.  I hate being sick it sucks.  Saturday we had two baptisms and I got to do one of them!  It was so great!  His name is Arturo he is blind but he is the best!  And then we baptized his niece Michel she is cool to but yeah I love Arturo!  He is so great!  After he just hugged me and thanked me so much.  It was so awesome!  Oh but before that in the morning we had to clean the church for the baptism and I now know why we don’t drink the water.   In the bottom of the font there was an inch of dirt it was so gross!  Someone didn’t empty it and it was just sitting there.   Ickkkk!  Anyways we found out that we don’t have a key to that and so I had to climb over the glass and walk on the handrail.  I have never been so grateful for Ron’s balance beam (his tumbling coach before he left) but hey I guess there is a reason for everything.

This place is so dirty it is ridiculous we clean all the time.   Then by the morning it is just as dirty I hate it!   Also I miss hot showers so much! oh and so my church card is broken and they have no idea why it just is so I have to use personal money and so yeah at the moment I am broke haha!

Let’s see the food here is fun that fruit I sent is nasty but it is so fun to peel.  It is super hard so you crack it like an egg and then it has like cotton in the inside covering the egg fruit stuff.   But yeah, it taste weird not my favorite.  It was our land lady’s b-day the other day and that was fun she brought us cake and food yumm.  Oh so the milk here is gross!  So I put chocolate yogurt on everything but yogurt here is like Danimals so it is yummy!  Haha anyways that was my week.  I love and miss you all so very much!  You guys are great.  Love you mwah!
this is our baptism

the weirdest thing i have ever eaten it is called granadia it is a nasty fruit

Monday, October 17, 2016

Long Week

So I try to keep this just stuff that Tyler writes but today I am going to make an exception.  Tyler is so grateful for the letters he receives I know it is expensive to send them but please continue to.  He has very little time on the internet and he has to use it at a little cafe and it is expensive so he can’t write back to everyone and he is worried that he is forgetting people.  He doesn’t want to offend anyone or make anyone feel bad.  Please keep sending him letters and writing whether he is able to write back or not.  He will make whatever effort he can to get back to you!


I don’t have a ton of time to write but I feel like I am not able to express to everyone how I feel and that people are being forgotten.  It is so hard to only have this little time on a slow computer and in this cafe thing but yeah.  I am loving the people and the food is so good but I’m struggling a bit. 

My week was really long and hard we taught lots of lessons but we got to do exchanges so that was cool.  I got a cool guy from Utah and he is so nice.  We stayed up talking tons just about everything and that helped a little but he is so spiritual.  He went to the MTC here and he learned the language super fast.  So that is great for him and he was a big help cause he could understand how it was to try to adjust.   I have just been so sick for the whole time and I don’t know what I have but I get killer headaches.  Everything hurts and I have a horrible cough and runny nose.  It sucks.  But this week we have two baptisms.  One for Artuto a blind guy who is awesome and then for his sister Michel.  In the last week picture my comp is the other one in a suit on the far side of me.  

I am sorry this letter sucks because I really just don’t have time.  The food here rocks they have these passion fruits that are amazing!  They are so great and they eat it on all sorts of stuff.   And it is funny Facebook is huge here right now and that’s all they do so that is kinda funny.  Um yeah I don’t know.  Love and miss you all!

me and my comp

yummy food here

hanging laundry

 (this last picture is because last year when we were in Mexico we were trying to get a picture of the laundry hanging on the lines outside of the tiny little homes.  Tyler thought he could do a better job so he took the camera and the picture he took was of a satellite dish on the side of one of the houses.  He had heard us talking about how cool looking the hanging laundry was he obviously missed the laundry part and thought the cool thing was the cable television in the very tiny little homes.  I sooo miss him!)

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 2

Hey Guys!

So Monday is p day now so yeah expect that from now on.  This week was good but hard.  We had our first baptism though on Saturday.  That was awesome!  Our days are still a lot of studying because I have to be in training for 12 weeks.  But I have invited for 2 baptisms and they both said yes.  So that is cool.  The one lady was super easy.  We told her about baptism and she just was like yeah I want to do that.  So that was awesome. 

Let’s see... we have this guy who was a missionary and got home the day I got here.   He comes with us everyday to teach.   I have been sick these last few days and that has sucked so bad! 

Anyway let’s see... I am excited!  We have a blind investigator and we got money to buy him a mp3 with the Book of Mormon so he can listen to it.  He is way cool.  We go get him for church every week and he will be baptized at the end of the week.

There are dogs everywhere here and everyone drinks coffee but they call it Mormon coffee.  It is super funny and different.  Also I forget that breast feeding isn’t weird to do in public in other places so that took me by surprise.  Also the toys for kids have been awesome!  I give them out all the time.  Let’s see... we get to nap sometimes if we finish eating early! That is awesome but I haven’t gotten used to how they eat here.  It is a huge lunch then nothing else.  But we have hot chocolate and saltines every night so that is yummy.

I still don’t understand much but it is fun to be a gringo.  I get lots of attention and kids stare at me everywhere I go.  I make faces at them and so I am sure that doesn’t help.  Our house is tiny and we don’t have much but it is still fun.  Some days are hard cause I just want a hot shower.  Apparently there is a way to do it but we haven’t figured it out yet.  Some days go super fast but then some like yesterday are painfully slow.  I think about you guys a lot.  It was cool there was a missionary that finished yesterday and his parents came by to pick him up.  They chatted with me it was nice to speak English!

But yeah!  That was my week.  Love you guys so much mwah!! 
Our baptism

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Pachacamac Villa Alejandro

Hey Guys!

I made it here after a very very long day of travel.  We left the mtc after not really sleeping all night at 4:50am and we took trax to SLC airport.  Then we had a flight to Atlanta and that wasn’t bad.  I sat by people I knew so that was fun.  When we got to Atlanta we had a 2ish hour layover and that was fun.  I loved taking to everyone and it was so great to hear everyone is doing well.  Our flight was so long and the plane broke so we sat on the tarmac for an hour while it was fixed.  Then we were off.

The lady sitting next to me was super cool.  She was from Peru so we spoke Spanish most the flight.   The flight was horribly long and we got here at 2:30 in the morning.  We went to the AP house to sleep for two hours then at 5 we woke up and went to meetings.  The meetings were so fun!  They spoke English.  It is a rule here that everyone has to know English so that is cool but still hard to communicate.  Our breakfast was so great though!  They drink everything here so we had Peruvian yogurt which is like Danimals it is way good!  And we ate bread my favorite haha!  After that we played some games with the mission president and his wife.  They are both so nice.  I get to see them tomorrow to so that is awesome.

At about 1 we went up and we got our areas and companions.  You ready??? drum role... haha!  My comps name is Elder Hernandez.  He is from the Dominican Republic and he was a firefighter there.  It gives us lots to talk about cause of my EMT stuff.  He is way awesome and our area is called Pachacamac Villa Alejandro.  It is super fun but none of you would come here haha!  It was described funny by our mission secretary.  He said it is a lot of dogs dirt and dust.  And yeah! that sums it up nicely. You should Google it and look around.  It is a fun place.

But anyway we have a pesionista and she is an awesome cook.  She makes great food but sometimes it is spicy!  We have already taught a lesson and we did street contacts last night so that was fun.  I learned how to give out the cards but it was hard!  Elder Hernandez gave out 14 and I gave out 1 haha!  I need more practice. Anyway this morning we had a meeting and it was in Spanish.   I understood very little and I almost fell asleep.  But I met lots of people and that was awesome.  They knew Colby Krantz when he was here and that was cool.

But yeah.  I think that was my days here.  I am loving it and it is flying by.  Have an amazing week guys and wish me luck!  Love and miss you most!!!   Sorry for no photos this computer is the slowest thing in the world and I am running out of time. I’ll send them next week.  I love you and miss you all!

No pictures this week so I looked up images of his area.  
Image result for Pachacamac Villa Alejandro.Image result for Pachacamac Villa Alejandro.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

He Made it to Peru

Tyler flew out yesterday to Peru and today I got this email from Tyler's mission president with this letter from Ty:

Dear Bearss Family,

Sister McGinn and I thank you for trusting us with your son.  We are thankful that he is serving in the best mission in the world.  We know that missionaries are called by revelation and that your son is where the Lord wants him to be at this time in his life.  In 3 John 1:4 we read, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.”  We testify that your son’s service will bring joy to you all and bless the lives of thousands.  We love your son and we will do our best to take care of him.


President and Hermana McGinn
Peru Lima South Mission

Hey Guys!

I made it!  The flight was long but it is so exciting to finally be here!  The people are nice and so far the food is great.  We had bread and yogurt for breakfast but yogurt here is like Danimals!  Yummy!  The city and culture here is awesome but the streets are loud and I don't think people sleep here.  There were kids playing soccer at 2:30 in the morning.  People honk for no reason and for some reason all the trees are spray painted white.  We have meetings for now but later today I get my area and trainer.  I love the mission president.  He is awesome and so nice and his wife is too.  They promise to take care of me.  This is a very different place.  Just dirt, dust, and garbage.  No hot water and sometimes no electricity but I already love it and have learned lots!  I love and miss you all so much!

Elder Bearss