future missionary

future missionary

Monday, November 28, 2016

It's Hot.

So this week was good!  We taught football to the Latinos and then I had 2 intercambios (one day transfers- I had to ask him what that meant) so no English for a while.   That sucks but we do have water!  And the other day I had to twinkle so bad I accidentally broke my key to the apartment!

So we do these things for Christmas and one was spend time with a blind person.  So we took Arturo for hamburgers.  Then a ward member took him home but they got lost.  They called and after they got off the phone one of the guys said, "Guys! We sent the blind leading the blind!"  It was so funny but so bad!  haha!

this is my snowman haha i love it i play with it constantly it is so fun to build then watch melt!!!

this picture is my ac it is a fan taped to the ceiling cause summer is so freaking hot!!!!!

And I thought his letter couldn't get much shorter... :)

This week was good we had 2 baptisms and then a wedding.  It as super fun to get to go to.  Then I went on splits with another gringo from New York.  He is new too so our lessons were a bit hard.  But they went OK.  Then a dog came into sacrament meeting and no one cared!  It just was normal haha!  I hate those things!

My comp this morning thought it was a good idea to flood the room to clean the tile so we are going to the park later while it dries.  But yeah not a ton just same old same old being a missionary haha!

Love and miss you all! 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

The fire station and showering in a bucket

The only email I got this week was a few pictures.  I did catch him online and chat for a couple of minutes and he gave me an update for the week. 
So this week I got to visit firefighters and I got kissed for the first time just on the cheek like in Europe.  It is a friend thing here but still super weird.  Then we ate like 2 kilos of octopus but it was actually super good!!  Then we had no water and I became a hipster!  I kinda like it.  Elder Hernandez has no money so we walk everywhere and I lost more weight.

OK... what did you at the fire station? Octopus yuck!  Why did you have no water and for how long and what made you a hipster? How much weight did you lose? Have you found any new people to teach? Do you tract to find them?

We just hung out (I think at the fire station)  I don't know why (the water is gone) just cause it is Peru they don't always have it.  My haircut it is shaved on the sides and super long on top (why he is a hipster)
yeah we have 2 new ones (contacts) no, no tracting just referrals and contacts.

Oh and I'm the new english speacialist but I dont know if it is cause I learned enough Spanish to help people or cause they gave up on me trying to learn haha.

Maybe next week he will have time to explain what an English specialist is?  And why Elder Hernandez has no money?  And how bad does he smell from showering in a bucket.  

so this week was crazy so we visited the fire department that was awesome

we haven't had water so that bucket is my shower it also shows how i became a hipster this week cause i got a haircut and that is the only option besides bald

I've been meaning to send pics of our tiny bathroom it is under a staircase and about 4 ft tall haha

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Transfers sort of

This week not a ton happened but we did have a baptism so that was awesome!  This lady was my first invite so that is way cool too!   Her kid is super cute.

It was transfers and the half way mark of my training.  I am excited to be done.  No transfers though but I found some cool stuff at the market that I am excited about! Yeah not a ton of stuff happened.  My Spanish is getting better and I can actually say what I want know and I think in Spanish which is weird but good.  Today we are going to the fire department so that’ll be cool.  I love using my medical stuff to help people whenever I can.  It has been a huge blessing in my life.

Sorry not a ton this week.  We have kinda run out of people so not a ton happens.  I will try this week to get pics of our areas they are crazy!  It’ll blow your mind well I love you all have an amazing week mwah!

look i got packages

this is our baptism this week

Monday, November 7, 2016

Painting and a Skull

This week was good not a ton happened.  We have run out of people to teach so that sucks.  Our last one is being baptized Saturday so we have to find more.  The one with the skull lives like an hour walk away.  It is crazy!  For service we painted a building and it was so messy!  They paint crazy here with hands and with crappy brushes but we had a blast.  Halloween was weird no one celebrates to much.  But ten day of the dead was so creepy!  Everyone was all sad and we sat the cemetery all day so we didn’t teach a ton.  But the cemetery is pretty!  Lots of flowers!  So my friend Joseph in the picture is awesome!  He speaks English like really well.  He wants to study in the U.S. so we always speak English.

So here Facebook is huge and so if you guys start getting weird friends don’t worry they are my investigators haha!  People here are so different but good different.  It makes things interesting.  I love being a gringo and hearing all the crazy stuff people have to say and all the questions they have.  Spanish is getting easier I understand almost everything so that helps but talking is difficult.  I am finally feeling a bit better.  I have lost tons of weight though so that is funny cause I eat a lot but only lose weight.  

I hope you all are doing great and I will have more next week cause we have a baptism Saturday!

I love you all and love hearing from you all!  Miss you tons have an amazing week!  Mwah.


this is my buddy joseph he speaks english and celebrated halloween
we painted this room it was so fun
our investigator has a real skull in their house it is so freakin creepy i wont touch it

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Happy Halloween

So I am late posting the letter this week.  We had a little family emergency.  Long story but a problem with my landlord resulted in us moving last weekend.  I just got internet hooked up this morning.  So here we go...

Hey Guys!

I am so sad!  Halloween is my favorite thing in the whole world!  My comp hates it cause in Dominican Republic it is super bad.  So yeah, we get in fights a lot about it.  This week was good not a ton happened.  I got to go back to Lurin.  I love that place.  I want that as my area.  They have awesome shops and stuff.  My comp only wants to sleep so I haven’t seen much of the market.  One day I will just drag him there.

Me and another trainee went on splits.  They are trying a new thing and yeah... It is weird.  Neither of us knew anything and we were lost a lot.  He is Bolivian so it was a bit easier.  This week he comes here to Villa Alejandro so we will see how that goes.  We might die.  It is sketchy here.

Our bishop is awesome!  He is 28 (crazy right???) but he is so funny!  He owns a restaurant that is like 5 stars.  It is the best food ever!  I love eating there!!  We had a super funny ward family night.  It was crazy but we were all dying laughing by the end of it!  Our new investigator is this lady that has cancer.  She is so nice and always tries to feed us but we can’t eat at member’s houses.  She makes awesome hats though.  They are so cool!  I’m gonna buy some.

Let’s see what else??  People here are so gross!  They use the streets as toilets and that scares me!  You cant un-see that.  Oh so the french fries and hot dogs (the picture from the last post) is a real dish here.  I forgot to explain.  It is called Salchipapas we eat it all the time.  It is way popular here.  Oh and they have these scones with cheese in and ham yumm!!!  

Yeah that is about all this week not to much going on.  My Spanish is getting better and I am getting adjusted alright.  I love and miss you all so very much have an amazing week mwah!!


lima at night and there are always fireworks I love nights

i love my shirt

we got lunch in the park after service but it made me so sick