future missionary

future missionary

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

New Area

Hey Guys!

So I can totally do this new area!  For people who don't know I got changed and I'm now in Chorrillos Peru and I'm a district leader here so that is crazy!  My new companion is Elder Infante.  He is Peruvian and a tiny guy but he is awesome.  So to explain I went from the poorest part of the mission to the richest.  I live in a 4 story house and it is just us.  The streets for the most part are paved.  Ok now for the best part....I have hot water!!! Woohoo!  We also have a view of the beach which is great.  My comp is super funny but no English so yeah..  But I've gotten way better in 1 day haha.

I haven't met my district but I know that Elder Hirst is in it and Hermana Stavdiester.  Whe was in Pachacamac with me too.  So Christmas time was weird here but we had a bit of fun.  We had a zone Christmas and watched Finding Dory in Spanish.  We each made a food to share.  Hermana Hilda helped me make cheesecake yum!  (she did most I cleaned her house and washed dishes ;))

On Sunday saying goodbye was hard.  They are so awesome and I had to say buy to Arturo and Michelle.  That was sad too.

I found another person who speaks English.  She is he bishop's daughter and I don't remember her name but our bishop is awesome!  We ate at their house and we are having pizza hut tonight with his family!  Oh so I almost forgot there is McDonalds and Tommy's in my area!  I am trying to go later today but yeah.  I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!  The snow looks so great!  I love you all be so safe!  mwah!


Peru thing: so they eat this bread called Paneton.  It is so bad and then they drink cold hot chocolate but the bread is like really sweet and has jujubees on it!! but I've eaten like 3 cause they make you!!!

it was so hard to say bye

my new area

this is my new room

my new comp

He learned how to write letters again.

 December 18, 2016

Hey Guys!

So this week was good.  I'm excited cause Saturday is Cambios (one day transfers) so that should be good!  This week was crazy busy.  We'll start on Monday.  After talking to you we had zone p-day.  We ate pollo a la brasa and then had singing practice.  After that the gringos wanted to go shopping for Christmas and so the latinos slept and we went and bought a ton of stuff.  We  got some chuyos (beanies) it is a Peru thing.  I also got a white elephant gift and some other stuff. 

Then on Tuesday we had district meeting and we practiced singing more and Hermana Sonia's mom brought me another chuyo from Ayacucho.  It is cool and handmade! 

Wednesday we had a Christmas party for all the Lima and Ayacucho zones.  It was in Surco so we had to take a 2 hour bus ride and we left at 5:45am blah!!!  The party was fun.  We performed our songs and everyone laughed.  I hope I can send the video but the song is Cholito Jesus it is funny!  Then we ate chicken again and I woke up so sick but it was so good I had to eat it!!  Then we watched the Jungle Book and I took a nap.  Then we did white elephants and I got this fancy little thing from Ayacucho.  It is pretty.

Thursday we had interviews and I had to translate for Hermana McGinn.  That was hard!  But it took most of the day.

Friday...I don't remember Friday so I was probably just sick (don't worry I am better now). 

Saturday we did service for family Trujillo.  We just cleaned and organized not too exciting but I took pictures.  So yeah they are lo maximo!

And yeah, Sunday we went to church which was the primary program.  It is about the same as in the states but there are 16 kids in our "big" primary haha and they gave out candy before and after.  It was the best!  (that's what lo maximo means btw) Anyways next week p-day is late but I will talk to you on your Christmas (it is a million degrees here and I said I only want Christmas with snow haha... jk kind of).

I love you guys so much I hope you are all amazing and healthy.  Thanks again for all the support it make it so much easier you are all amazing and I love and miss you! mwah

Peru thing: I whole heartedly believe there are only 2 stop lights here but it is awesome when they turn red.  Acrobats and performers do shows in the street while you wait!

my white elephant gift

my chuyo (Peru beanie)

Me and Elder Johansen (my buddy from the MTC)

pictures from the Christmas party

my buddy Adriano

me and Elder Hirst (MTC companion)

Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas Lights

Hey Guys,

So this week we had a meeting and I taught the A-Z game as English practice.  Remember that game?  Haha.  Then I got 3 packages!!!  It was so awesome!  Thanks billions!  Then I had 2 intercombios this week one with Elder Benavides who speaks zero English then one with Elder Huaman who is just lazy so yeah.

So I found out I weigh 138 pounds now.  Haha I told you I lost a lot.

So we had service and we cleaned our pension's (I think that might be bishop's?  not sure) "yard" that term is used very loosely since it is just dirt.  Then we had a pollada which cost 12 soles for a tin
y bit of gross food but whatever.

So my mom here is Hermana Sonia and she lectured me about writing home.  Haha.  She's awesome and says don't worry she is making sure I'm safe and healthy!

Well that was my week.  I love and miss y'all!!  mwah.

my land lady heard i missed the lights of christmas so this is our building now haha it is awesome