future missionary

future missionary

Monday, January 16, 2017

Water fights and Cactus fruit

Hey Fam!

So this week was a bit long but yeah I still like this area.  The hills are killer but worth it. 

So Monday was fun we as a zone had a giant water balloon fight so that was awesome!  Then we had to say bye to Hermana Lawerence so that was so sad!

Tuesday this week I had a training meeting with all the other district leaders and it was super good.  I kinda have an idea of what to do now.  After we had a interchange so I went with Elder Sosa.  He is my favorite.  We talked a ton and it was great!  Later in the night my companion got in trouble for driving a moto ( I don't know what that is but I google translated it and I think it is a motorcycle) so Elder Sosa and Marin had to go have a meeting with him.  That wasn't so fun... After we ordered Pizza Hut and talked about books and movies and girlfriends so it ended good.

Wednesday was my interviews with Pres. McGinn.  It was good but I forgot I needed questions so that was awkward.  After I had another interchange with Elder Halliday.  He is brand new but we had fun and it was a crazy day because we had emergency transfers in our district.  We got 3 new Hermanas.  One is brand new.  The other has almost a year.  That night we taught my English class.  It was pretty fun.  More people came and they were all really excited to learn. 

Thursday was my district meeting.  It went so good!  I found a ton of different shirts, hats, ties and other stuff and they played dress up and practiced talking to people in the streets.  It was super fun and after we went to the mall to practice with real people it was awesome!

Friday not too much happened.  It was a plan day so really boring but then on Saturday we did service for our neighbor and we cleaned her "garden" and planted trees and flowers that will probably die soon but oh well.  So this week I learned not to pick up new fruit.  The fruit is called Puna ( I think cactus fruit) but it has tiny spines that have barbs and no one told me til I picked them up!  Ouch!  Now I know. 

Peru thing:  The people are super proud of Peru and think everything in only in Peru so when I say Pizza, McDonalds, Papa John's or Ritz crackers remind me of home they get mad and tell me those things aren't from the U.S. It is super fun to do!

Well I love ya'll.  Be safe.  mwah!

my district after our water fight

goofing around in Peru

Friday, January 6, 2017

New Years

Hey Guys!

Happy New Years everyone!!  So my first week here went alright.  My comp and the last missionary here were super lazy and so the work is hard.  He still is kinda in that mindset so it is a bit hard but still super good.  This week was mostly just trying to figure out the district leader stuff it didn't go super great haha!  I messed up the numbers the other night but we figured it out.  So yeah.  Then I had to teach and I thought it sucked but the APs came and told me it was so good and they needed that lesson so that felt good!  My Spanish has gotten way better too!

Not a ton happened this week but New Years was fun but like always sad to be gone.  Yesterday we got up and I had to run out to Elder Hirst's area cause they lost some papers but after that we stopped at the mall to go to the ATM and guess what was next to it?  Dunkin Donuts!  Of course I went in haha.  There are probably photos on Facebook cause I ate like 5 donuts!  I had a whole box haha.  After that we went to lunch and we decided that we wanted to go see our investigator Miguel.  He is 82 and super crazy and funny.  He can't remember anything so we make posters for him but mine had a conjugation wrong and he wouldn't let it go.  It was so funny.  Then he refuses to pray for more life and he can't remember our names so he calls us Hermanos Guapos.  haha!  Yesterday we decided to go buy chicken and Inca Kola and spend some time with him it was so awesome!  We ate and talked.  It was funny he thinks I am Peruvian and that when I speak English it is Quechua haha.  After that we went home and we colored and did oragami and messed around singing and laughing til midnight.  Then there were more fire works then I've ever seen!  It was awesome!  We threw glow sticks and candy to the people in the streets it was super fun.  Now I am so tired and church is at 2 so that is awful.

I love and miss you all tons!  Have a great week and be safe!


Peru thing:  so it is lucky to wear red and yellow on New Years so in the streets people sell yellow underwear like millions of pairs!  It is nuts!  We decided hats were a better option.

jared on christmas i miss him so much!!!!

i will take a mcdouble and a large fry and some warm ice cream!!!! hehe love ya mads
new years was a blast!!