future missionary

future missionary

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

6 months down!

 Hey Fam,

Wohoo Monday again!  We have a zone p-day I think we are playing football in the park!  So this week was a bit crazy but yeah by comp is a butt still.  So Monday we met up with Elders Pena and Haliday and we played volleyball in the court in front of our house.  Then on Tuesday we had meetings.  Mine started at 8am and didn't finish till around 6pm it was sooo long!  But after we went to interviews for our baptisms.  It was supposed to be 3 people but 1 backed out and it wasn't who I expected.  The girl is from Ayacucho we first taught her last Sunday and she was baptized Saturday!  She has read the Book of Mormon 2 times and had some experience with it that she won't talk about but she is sure it is true.  Crazy right?

The other buy can quote the bible as well as a priest but like his whole family is inactive so that is a bit scary.  After that we went to ward council.  Our ward needs help.  The bishop is never at anything even church and only 3 of the leaders do anything.  The only reason we are a ward is cause the secretary lives in Cusco so the bishop just claims there is about 100 people but there is more like 60. So we stay a ward.  It is dumb.  Wednesday we had district meeting.  I asked the Elders to teach I think for the last time.  Then til Saturday not too much happened.  We did have an intercambio but nothing too crazy happened.  I also forgot for service we cleaned the house of Miaugi.  It was gross!  We found 4 mice 1 dead one and a cat and a million cockroaches.  But now it is super clean but he complains cause he can't find stuff!  Also we are now out of money til Wednesday so we make fried eggs and ramen surprise for every meal and the guy in charge of reimbursement won't answer his phone!  grrr...

So Saturday was baptisms so we were in the church all day cleaning.  In the morning the primary celebrated carnival and soaked us with water but then gave us ice cream so I was fine.  Then we had the baptisms and after a family took us to hamburgers!  Today is ward conference I was excited til I remembered I have to attend lame!!!

Be safe guys!  Love ya!

Peru thing:  So like Brasil there is carnival here but it gets so crazy they outlawed it in Lima everywhere else the missionaries can't leave on some days or they get paint and water thrown at them!

my baptisms this week

Monday, February 20, 2017

Week of many companions

Hey Fam!

So this was the week of many companions and some of mine managed to still tick me off more than ever.  We'll start on monday after I wrote.  We went to our zone p-day.  Here they celebrate carnival but in Lima there is a law you can't play in the streets.  So we played at the church.  We got tons of water balloons and had a giant water fight!  After that we went to the store and I've gotten so sick of buying new razors and shaving like twice a day so I bought a straight edge razor.  It is so much better and easier and not super hard like I thought.  Only 1 cut in 3 times shaving I'm so proud :)  Then we just taught people so it was normal.

On Tuesday we had a meeting and then an interchange.  I went with Elder Haliday.  We walked for ever and then we got attacked by dogs and they tore my pant leg!  Then we taught Miaugi and I got burnt by hot glue.  It was so bad it was bleeding!  Ouch!!  Then my a**hole companion filled my bed and pillow with shaving cream.

Wednesday I had another interchange with Elder Marin and I don't know what my companion did but he is got an interview with the president.  So we had to sleep on the floor at the zone leaders apartment but Elder Sosa and Marin rock so it wasn't too bad.  Thursday a guy came to rewire our house so we helped most of the day.  I learned to do lots! 

Then Friday we changed again with Elder Venegas.  He has cerebral palsy and is kinda different but works hard so it's good.  We taught and found new people.  Then that night my companion thought putting a board in front of the door of the bathroom while I was in it would be funny so long story short after 20 minutes I realized he went to bed so I just broke the door knob.  He has made me so mad the last 2 days so I haven't woke him up in the morning I just sit and enjoy the silence.

Saturday we had an activity with the MTC gringos.  My companion that day apparently went to school with me but I have no clue who he is so I just acted like I knew haha.

Today (Sunday) we got a call at 9:45am to go 30 minutes away to have a baptism interview at 10.  After that we ran around all day.  Wow! I am tired!

Ok so my Peru thing:  Novia means fiance and enamerada is girlfriend.  Normally in Spanish novia means girlfriend and enamorada is a crush so I've accidentally been referring to Madi as my fiance for the past 6 months haha!

Oh well.  I love you all.  Be safe and have a great week!  Mwah! 

these are to show you im learning some helpful stuff haha

this is my old zone
this is a sign that says stair number 1238 welcome to my life

when we visited the police after the robbery

Sunday, February 19, 2017

February 13, 2017

So last Saturday my grandpa and Tyler's great Grandpa passed away.  Tyler was close to his great grandpa he had gone to farmer's market with him for years and love the time they spent together.  I contacted his mission president Saturday night and he drove the next morning to go find Tyler to talk to him about it in person.  He also let Tyler call me on Monday morning.  He is sad but doing alright.

Hey Fam,

So once again another curve ball... The emergency call/visit from President was a very unexpected thing.  My companion was freaking out because he is disobedient so a call to leave lessons and go find president scared the crap out of him. You can imagine my surprise when he wanted to talk with me...  I spent the rest of the day pretty quiet.  I didn't know grandpa wasn't doing well or anything but it makes me cry to think about so I'll tell you my week instead.

Monday we went to this tourist beach it was kinda uncomfortable to see so many white people and hear English!  But it was pretty I wouldn't mind living there and apparently it is cheap because people don't want tourists as neighbors but yeah it is a really cool place and it made me laugh when all the gringos were at starbucks and the fat people Dunkin Donuts (we went for the doughnuts too) the rest of the week wasn't really to exciting we had transfers we got a new Hermana in my district and an Elder in the other.  The Hermana is from Argentina and she has a super heavy accent.  I can't understand her or tease her like I do my buddy (I can't spell his name so he is just my buddy).  So yeah.  The Elder... I have a story.  So we had a baptism from Hell.  That is a contradiction but it was bad.  The font broke and then there was no water.  Peru is flooding and we still run out of water.  But anyways we had no baptism clothes because the people are a little gordito.  But then I remembered.  So is our new elder!  So I called him and tried to nicely explain why I needed to borrow his clothes.  It must have worked cause he let me go get them. We ended up filling taxis to drive to the next city over!  But now she is baptized so all is well.

On Saturday we had an open house for our chapel.  We wore our baptism clothes and talked about the font it was long but good.  Today I was distracted and have no idea what happened but yeah so my Peru thing:  All over there are huge piles of dirt that are guarded all the time.  Turns out they are unexcavated ruins and catacombs.  The people don't have the money to have them excavated so they are just sand dunes.  The catacombs you can go in and I can't wait till next week cause I want to go! SPOOKY!!!

Have a good week and I'll be thinking of y'all lots.  Bye be safe.  Mwah!

picture of the beach

my diet here

my baptism "Alicia"

February 6, 2017

Hey Fam!

So this week was full of...well I guess adventure.  First remember our problems last week? (floods, sick) yeah so God has a sense of humor.  We were joking that things could only go better this week and apparently "knocking on cement" doesn't have the same effect as wood.  So now what's worse than floods?  I guess it's getting robbed cause that was one of our fun adventures this week! but I'll start at the first of the week.

Monday I went shopping for stuff to send y'all then on Tuesday they announced all our changes.  The good changes: we wake up at 7, no more crazy planning, a longer p-day, going to bed earlier.  The bad no teaching, less activities, no going to the temple with converts, more time in the street.  Actually that was Wednesday nothing happened on Tuesday.  After that meeting I got a phone call from President saying I needed to go pick up our new companion.  That was a surprise!  His name is Elder Harpa but J makes an H sound so Harpa.  He is another disobedient missionary that like my companion I have to babysit.  So yeah I have a trio for a bit and really my companion is more disobedient than he is so it is good.  I was scared though I had to leave them alone to go to the DMV and what a shock... they went to the beach instead of studies and planning!

I wasn't super surprised.  So now anything they do bad I have to call President but yeah so then the fun story.  On Friday we got up and ready and got everything done and went to eat.  We left about 12 and came back around 3 and our door was broken down.  So we very carefully went into our house and we were happy to find the robbers left but then sad that they left with all our watches money flash drives... etc.  So the good part is we are fine and our door is being fixed so that is good.  Bad news all my money and watches got stolen.  lame right!?!  So we stayed in our zone leaders room and haven't been able to leave our house so we are bored and poor.  Haha.

That was my craziness.  If more happens tomorrow I will let you know.  love you all mwah!

Peru thing:  So there is a drink here in English it is apple water but they drink it all the time to "make them smart"  I honestly don't know what is in it to make you smart but it is funny they blame the dumb stuff they do on it cause they didn't drink enough!  haha!  Peruvians are crazy.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

January 30

Hey Guys!

So I think I'm tired and drowning... So Monday i wrote and then p-day was Friday so we taught lessons.  Tuesday I had a district meeting and it was kinda lame this week but still good.  I forgot half my lesson and had to wing it but it went well.  So now starts the crazy keep in mind it is summer with 100% humidity and this is a dessert and we're in suits.  Ok so Wednesday we had training in Surco so we woke up at 4:30 and went to that and it is awesome we get longer p-days and more time in the mornings and less studies.  Also we have less paperwork so all around good changes.  So after that we went back and ate and changed then taught.  Then my life got crazy... so we got up at 4am and went down town to see Elder Cook speak and downtown Lima is like NYC.  It is awesome.  Elder Cook's talk was the same as in the MTC but we shook hands so that was way cool.  So still a million degrees and a 2 hour bus ride home we show up and 2 floors of our house is flooded and it went through the brick with all the electricity so scary!!!  We spent the day cleaning it up and then remembered we are going to the temple and needed water!  So a guy came at like 10 to give it a temporary fix so around 1 and still very wet we went to bed.  Again at 4am we got up and got a call saying that other people had no water or rides so it was crazy and a very full and smelly taxi ride to the temple.

The temple is so simple and pretty and it wasn't hard in spanish and after I got cool stuff so that was great.  After was p-day so we ate burritos as a zone (they say tacos and burritos are american food) and then we got lost as a zone and ended up sunburned and in a different mission.  That was "fun".  Haha!  We did get back in time to sleep for an hour so that was great.

Ok so I forgot on Wednesday morning we showered and realized we had no shirts or garments so at 4:30am we went soaking wet to our apartment to break in and find our clean clothes.  Ok so now Saturday.

So this morning our neighbors woke us up yelling "cops! cops!"  Apparently they run a chop shop and steal cars so yeah that was awesome.  Have I mentioned I live in a little bit dangerous of a city haha.  So tomorrow I'll write if good stuff happens but now so my sad stuff... Arturo has a tumor and isn't doing so well so I'm kinda depressed about that.

Anyways, my Peru thing: So like I said burritos, tacos, quesadillas...etc., don't exist here and they way it is american food cause only gringos eat at the burrito bar in Barranca.  So we introduced them to American food.

So another crappy thing.  So my district is like my kids I just have to keep them all safe and in a little row (Kalene would say that :)) but one hermana got really sick at the temple and came to ask me for help.  It was kinda fun being a medic again for a minute I truly love that work!  Ah I miss it!

I love you all tons! mwah

One Sunday highlight.. I forgot to tell you my new favorite food is pineapple juice.  It is the best!  On Sunday I got to have juice for dinner haha!!  Luvs ya mwah!

January 23

Hey Fam!
So this week my head had a hard time haha!  So on Monday I needed a few things so we went to a market in Tupae ( the next city over).  WE shopped a little and then I needed a haircut so I found a barbershop that looked nice and the guy cut my hair horribly!  It was like he'd get bored or distracted and just trail off it was a nightmare!  I had to go get another haircut to fix it and now I'm just about bald so there will be no pictures taken of me for like 2 weeks.  This week seriously wasn't my week.  I keep getting bit or almost bit by millions of bugs spiders scorpions and of course dogs. We don't know how they all get into our house but they do so it is super fun!  Also this week our house has flooded like 3 times cause our water tank is broken. Our land lady won't do anything about it so we just live in the front of the house.

So Tuesday I got your package!  It was so good to hear from everyone and I'm so glad everyone is doing so great!  Thank you all for the support and I love all of the letters!

So on Thursday we had "service" here service is like visiting old people instead of building houses.  So we went and saw this old sick guy.  He taught us how to make all this cool stuff with pieces of metal it is super cool!  So on Thursday I woke up with a super bad headache then by friday it turned into a migraine I was so sick!  That was miserable!  So yesterday (Saturday) I had 2 baptism interviews then the leaders stopped by for a visit.  I hate that and our "wonderful" neighbors started a party at 1 in the afternoon it is now 7am on Sunday and it is still going!!  We didn't sleep at all!!  People here are insane they do this every Saturday!  It is super funny to watch all the crazy drunks dancing and singing.  Oh so I don't remember if I told ya'll about this food but here we eat fried fish eggs all the time they are super good but a little strange.

So this week is crazy we have like 3 days in the office cause an apostle is coming.  The we go to the temple and I have to do room checks!  Wow lots! but anyways I love and miss you all tons and tons!  Have a great week.  Be safe! mwah!

**Peru thing: So here car accidents aren't a huge deal.  Yesterday a bus took out the back of this lady's car and they got out and the bus driver took out a handful of cash and they both left haha it was crazy!!  Apparently the cops are more expensive to pay than to just pay them for the wreck.

this is the stuff we learned to make from the guy from our service it is super cool he gave me the silver bike.

this scorpion was in the sink the other day but it was just little so no worries unless you've seen Indiana Jones haha.  I check my shoes and bed a lot now.