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future missionary

Friday, April 21, 2017

April 10, 2017


So this week was good we worked hard but it was still kinda fun!  So on Monday we were supposed to play volleyball as a district but apparently plans got confused cause we waited forever and just one other companionship showed up.  So we went and played anyways.  Well turns out everyone else went to another place to play!  But it is good we figured it out. 

Tuesday we got up ready to go to meetings and then like 10 minutes before they called saying no so it ruined all our morning plans.  At night we taught then we ate out cause my comp finished 6 months.  On Wednesday we had a conference in the morning.  That was long but good.  I got a letter from Arturo and Michelle they are doing good.  They got after me for not writing much whoops.  That night we taught our English class and a member that went MIA for months showed up.  It was great.  We made them all sing head shoulders knees and toes.  It was funny but yeah... I hope we keep getting big classes. 

On Thursday we got up and went to do service for this guy who is like a young Miaugi.  His house was gross.  He had ducks all over.  Ew!  Then when we were cleaning we found a huge box of porn.  We burnt it while he wasn't looking.  It was for his own good so we don't feel too bad.  After we had an intercambio so we stuck around to eat with them.  It was gross but Elder Jones liked it so we gave it to him.  After me and Elder Patino went out to teach it was fun. 

For dinners lately we've started doing pancakes cause people don't eat them here.  The next morning we got a surprise room inspection after the elders were here.  So it was a mess.  They were mad at that and then I had lots of pictures up.  I told them I wasn't taking them down so they failed us.  Nothing happens so it is dumb.  On Saturday and Sunday we just did ward stuff and went to a little kids birthday.  We got him a balloon and movies.  Love y'all.  Mwah!

Peru thing:  So the tallest building here they think it is massive!  So this immense buildng I hear so much about has 33 floors.  That's it.  Haha.  They are so prideful it is funny!
We used to wash our own laundry now we have a lady who does it and irons and fold it for us! 

This is the cool stuff we bought this week

April 3, 2017


Hey guys!  So this week was really fast!  I really don't remember too much but I'll try!  haha.  So on Monday after writing we went and ate then I got my haircut.  I told her to just cut a little.  She started with a little then I guess she decided to just keep going. So once again I am almost bald... I love Peru (mucho sarcasm) haha.  The days here are starting to be colder, still hot but it is bearable now.  So that is a great thing!  I think it was Tuesday we had a district meeting in the morning then just normal stuff on Wednesday.  It is bad though we get along to well we start talking and laughing and we forget to check the time.  we've gone to bed at like 1 haha whoops!  Oh well. 

Ok so Thursday was a sad day.  We got up and we did service helping a lady move.  That was long.  She moved to a third story apartment wow!  Lots of stairs.  I tried to help unload the truck but the others wouldn't go for that so I had to take the heavy stuff.  Karma is so lame.  After we got home late and were changing when the phone rang.  It was president saying we needed to chat.  Oh boy.  It turns out that it was my comp.  His uncle died so that was super sad.  So we went and got ice cream and hamburgers.  I think he is good now but still sad.  Friday was normal but I went to a sketchy clinic to buy some stuff for my buddy Miaugi.  He thinks he is dying cause he got a cold.  While I was there a crazy dude cornered my comp asking why he was stressed and saying he had a real nice black friend for him haha.  He looked at me to help but I was kinda laughing.  After that we went to eat dinner and a member gave me a pizza for free woohoo!  Saturday and Sunday were conference.  I am a child.  I can't watch it.  It is sooo boring!  I loaded my bag with toys and candy so I could stay awake.  Anyways today we are going to play volley ball.  Love you all!!!

Peru thing:  So here ibuprofen is illegal but I bought all sorts of pain killers and cold meds without question.  Also when you are sick you just go up to a little window and tell them what you've got and they give you some crazy drug cocktail without explanation then they get so mad when I questioned them!!! Crazy!

March 27, 2017

Hey Fam,

So this week was kinda stressful all week we had Elders from Ayacucho with us.  Anyways Tuesday after I wrote we went and ate at a burrito bar.  It's like Cafe Rio yum!  Then on Wednesday the Elders came there were 4 of them all here!  WOW!  It was so loud and messy.  Then we all taught together!  They tried to  leave on Thursday but they missed the flight!  WE weren't planning on them so we went to eat at Texas Roadhouse.  It was good that we had money for the month cause a steak was 60 (somethings I think it means Peru money) which is like 20 bucks!  But it was HUGE and way good so we decided it was worth it.  Haha!  I've been so sick lately we keep eating ligado and cau-cau (liver and cow stomach/intestines) so my stomach is gone! bleh... All but 1 of the elders left Friday morning the other left in the afternoon.  Then we got a night to clean up and plan.

On Saturday we worked on the school more it has a roof now and a gate and is usable.  Now it just needs painted and cleaned and the playground needs fixed.  I'll send a picture when we finish!  My new comp is awesome. We get a lot done and get along way good. He has a girlfriend to so we talk a lot about that!  Time passes faster with a cool comp.  Really this week has just been running around like crazy people.  Oh so we finally got a bit of water back.  It is still way dirty so we just use it to shower but it is better than nothing.  We were so dirty that we had to scrub the showers after it was so good to be clean though!

So we wanted to see how dirty the water is so we filled a pot and left it.  IT GREW BUGS!!! Nasty!  My Spanish is getting better though cause I have to talk to everyone!  But it is good.  I'll learn how to communicate better.  Oh yeah and mom don't worry I ate cake in memory of you (sounds like I died or something when he went to Peru) hope you had a happy birthday.  How old are you now? hehe love you!  So my Peru thing:  At school here you get judged and put in a level they are A-G and in each 1-5.  So the smartest are 1A and the dumbest 5G and the math classes are super easy!  They do like 6th grade stuff in high school!!  We end up helping with a lot of homework haha!  (I hope he isn't helping them with spelling or grammar because his is horrible) You can't ever get away from school!!!  Be safe guys love y'all!!  Mwah!

My steak

March 21, 2017

Hey Fam!

So this letter is painful to write... I got a bug bite on my pinky finger that kills!  Haha!  and tons happened this week so I'll just suffer through it.  So our Monday miracle...

 So this is Daniel.  He is the one on my side of the table.  He is an angel I'm pretty sure... We went to Barranco, Peru and we were early so we were hanging out waiting for our zone, Elder Haliday and Pena were there too.  When a guy (on the right) came up and started talking to us.  He served a mission in Venezuela and works for the U.S. airforce now.  We chatted then he said he'd go get his team to meet us.  We talked to them and that is when Daniel who is an RM from Colombia invited us to lunch in this crazy fancy restaurant to eat and chat with the team!  In my mind it was like eating with Top Gun!!!  Later some of our zone came in by chance to eat there and came and chatted until they got a table.  After we ate the best peruvian food ever he took our bill and then our whole zones bill and paid for us all.  It was like 16 people!!!  Holy crap!  So yeah he was amazing!

On Tuesday I cried a lot cause I'm a freaking baby!  It was the last meeting with Elder Sosa cause he goes home tomorrow.  We made a video and sang.  It was sad!  I also gave him my SL Bee's tie to remember me.

Wednesday started the crazy.  So Peru if you didn't know is flooding.  So in the floods it washed out the graveyard so the water is toxic.  So it has been 6 days now without any water.  We stink a little...

Thursday we did service and we started building a school.  Then on Friday still without water the government gifted water to people.  We helped them for 3 hours that day and 2 hours more on Saturday and 2 more on Monday!  I can't feel my arms from carrying water all day!  Saturday was transfers.  Ready drum roll please....
 This is Elder Gutierrez.  He is from California USA!  Woohoo!!  A gringo!  Haha!  It has been great!  He looks like Linguini from Ratatouii.  But yeah... so Sunday we had stake conference and President stood up and in front of everyone congratulated us for our service in the ward.  We got super embarrassed.  Then today I got my first gringo day.  The neighbors were teasing us in spanish then we switched to spanish and they went super red.  We just laughed and kept on carrying water cause that's the life now just carrying water all day.  haha.  We got to talk a lot but it is fun.  We were both in Pachacamac together just in different parts so that is fun!  Now we get to be companions and Elder Infante is far far away!  So yeah anyways I love and miss you all tons.  Have a great week!  Mwah!

Peru thing: So the plant that they make cocaine out of- they chew the leaves here as remedies for everything.  It is super bad but ya bienvenides a Peru!

my very american dinner

Elder Sosa's last day

Our breakfast celebrating being gringos
People lined up for water

Sunday, April 9, 2017

March 13, 2017

Hello my Family!

What's up?  Honestly this week went by so fast I don't even remember much of it but on Monday we ate Chinese and then we played volleyball with the other elders.  It was gringos versus latinos and we totally won!  After that we went and bought food.  When we got back to the house we decided to make s'mores on the roof.  But here the chocolate sucks.  It is gross and real graham crackers don't exist.  To make it worse good marshmallows cost lots so it was expensive!  But yeah we had a good time. It was like when I was little at the cabin!  On Tuesday we had our meetings since I had the marshmallows I decided we'd make good use of them so we played chubby bunny!  Haha I forgot my camera so I don't have pics but it was hilarious!  Then we decided to all eat together so we made spaghetti and meatballs with papas huancyina yum!  Then we played a bunch of games.  On Wed. we had interviews with President McGinn he kinda got mad cause I said that his plan wouldn't work and that it was too confusing.  I was right but he is in charge so we do it anyways.  We also had interchanges with Elders Jones and Venegas it was fun!  I went with Elder Jones so I got to speak English. On Thursday I found the most disgusting house I've ever seen.  We did service their by fixing their water then we taught them.  I need sanitized!  Saturday in the morning there was a soccer championship so we went and watched that then we had a giant family home evening.  It was super fun.  We watched a video then played games with everyone but then we got to the house and realized we didn't buy food and we don't have electricity... great.  Some things suck about Peru.  Oh well I am sure it will help me one day.  Today still no electricity but we were studying and the drunk Pablo forgot his alcohol on our porch so we stole it and dumped it out now he is searching all over while us and his family are laughing.  I guess it is the little things.  Haha so my Peru thing: here they don't speak castigano and they get mad when they confuse them.  So Sunday we had an awesome lesson the guy agreed to start teaching us Quetchwa!  I have a good list now woohoo!!  Ok love ya'll mwah!

Our yummy s'mores

March 6, 2017

Hey Fam!

So this week was normal just one more down and lots to go!  So on Monday after writing we went to the beach!  It was so pretty and perfect and the waves were huge!  Bigger than I've ever seen!  We played football and kickball and then played in the sand.  Then on Tuesday we had a meeting with an area 70 after that we got all switched around cause the elders from the south were here till Friday.  It was a good break from my comp and one of them knew me from Lehi that was super fun we talked and he told me what everyone was up to.  Then we had district meeting and then more new comps from Ica and Ayacucho.  Oh so I don't think I told ya'll but my comp was so mad cause this girl who we baptized well he thought she'd ask him to baptize her and I did to- but when we asked her to be baptized she said she wanted me to do it.  I thought he was gonna hit me cause that is 5 people that didn't pick him.  So yeah he is a child so he refused to talk to me and pretty much threw a fit.  So today she got baptized that was awesome.

So this week we've been obsessed with these little bikes if you remember we learned to make them like a month ago but we finally go stuff to make our own so all our time that we aren't teaching is used making these bikes.  We also went to learn more this afternoon before our baptism.  So now the plate of fish... So my comp is a child and often acts like it.  So apparently he was talking and making fun of our pension.  Everyone here gossips so the stuff he said got told to her.  She was so mad at him and she needs to be cause he oughtta learn one day to grow up!  So she said she needed the weekend off and so I had to cook.  I tried to remember all I learned from the cooking shows unfortunately cupcake wars didn't come in handy... I came up with lemon garlic fish and soggy rice and "salad" which here is onions with lime and salt and my favorite part since I'm poor guess how much it cost?  4.80's that is like a buck fifty!  But my comp keeps being him today.  He hung up on the leaders and Elder Sosa I think might kill him...  So that's my week.  Love ya'll mwah!

Peru thing: They use so much slang here I hate it for example they don't say verde they say verdura which is veggie.  And to say yes it is good they say "sinquente" which means 50.

Look I am a real Peruvian now,

Our baptism

My yummy meal

February 27, 2017

Hey Fam,

Woohoo Monday again!  We have a zone p-day I think we are playing football in the park!  So this week was a bit crazy but yeah my comp is a butt still.  So Monday we met up with Elders Pena and Haliday and we played volleyball in the court in front of our house.  Then on Tuesday we had a meeting mine started at 8am and didn't finish till around 6pm.  It was sooo long.  After we went to interviews for our baptisms it was supposed to be 3 people but 1 backed out and it wasn't who I expected.  The girl is from Ayacucho we first taught her last Sunday and she was baptized Saturday!  She's read the Book of Mormon 2 times and had some experience with it that she won't talk about but she is sure it is true.  Crazy right!!  The other can quote the bible as well as a priest but like his whole fam is inactive so that's a bit scary.  After that we went to ward council our ward needs help.  The bishop is never at anything even church and only 3 of the leaders do anything.  The only reason we are a ward is cause the secretary lives in Cusco so the bishop just claims there is about 100 people (more like 60) so we stay a ward it is dumb.  Wednesday we had district meeting I asked Elders to teach I think for the last time!  Then till Saturday not too much happened we did have an Intercambio but nothing to crazy happened I also forgot for service we cleaned the house of Miagi.  It was gross we found 4 mice 1 dead one and one cat and a million cockroaches but now it is super clean but he complains cause he can't find stuff!  Also we are now out of all money till Wednesday.  So we make fried eggs and ramen surprise for every meal.  So Saturday was baptisms so we were in the church all day cleaning.  In the morning the primary celebrated carnival and soaked us with water but then gave us ice cream so I was fine.  Then we had the baptism and after a family took us to hamburgers!  Today is ward conference I was excited till I remembered I have to attend lame!  Be safe guys love ya!

Peru thing:  So like Brazil there is carnival here but it gets so crazy they outlawed it in Lima every where else the missionaries can't leave on some days or they get paint and water thrown at them!

Our baptisms this week