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future missionary

Friday, April 21, 2017

April 10, 2017


So this week was good we worked hard but it was still kinda fun!  So on Monday we were supposed to play volleyball as a district but apparently plans got confused cause we waited forever and just one other companionship showed up.  So we went and played anyways.  Well turns out everyone else went to another place to play!  But it is good we figured it out. 

Tuesday we got up ready to go to meetings and then like 10 minutes before they called saying no so it ruined all our morning plans.  At night we taught then we ate out cause my comp finished 6 months.  On Wednesday we had a conference in the morning.  That was long but good.  I got a letter from Arturo and Michelle they are doing good.  They got after me for not writing much whoops.  That night we taught our English class and a member that went MIA for months showed up.  It was great.  We made them all sing head shoulders knees and toes.  It was funny but yeah... I hope we keep getting big classes. 

On Thursday we got up and went to do service for this guy who is like a young Miaugi.  His house was gross.  He had ducks all over.  Ew!  Then when we were cleaning we found a huge box of porn.  We burnt it while he wasn't looking.  It was for his own good so we don't feel too bad.  After we had an intercambio so we stuck around to eat with them.  It was gross but Elder Jones liked it so we gave it to him.  After me and Elder Patino went out to teach it was fun. 

For dinners lately we've started doing pancakes cause people don't eat them here.  The next morning we got a surprise room inspection after the elders were here.  So it was a mess.  They were mad at that and then I had lots of pictures up.  I told them I wasn't taking them down so they failed us.  Nothing happens so it is dumb.  On Saturday and Sunday we just did ward stuff and went to a little kids birthday.  We got him a balloon and movies.  Love y'all.  Mwah!

Peru thing:  So the tallest building here they think it is massive!  So this immense buildng I hear so much about has 33 floors.  That's it.  Haha.  They are so prideful it is funny!
We used to wash our own laundry now we have a lady who does it and irons and fold it for us! 

This is the cool stuff we bought this week

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