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future missionary

Friday, April 21, 2017

April 3, 2017


Hey guys!  So this week was really fast!  I really don't remember too much but I'll try!  haha.  So on Monday after writing we went and ate then I got my haircut.  I told her to just cut a little.  She started with a little then I guess she decided to just keep going. So once again I am almost bald... I love Peru (mucho sarcasm) haha.  The days here are starting to be colder, still hot but it is bearable now.  So that is a great thing!  I think it was Tuesday we had a district meeting in the morning then just normal stuff on Wednesday.  It is bad though we get along to well we start talking and laughing and we forget to check the time.  we've gone to bed at like 1 haha whoops!  Oh well. 

Ok so Thursday was a sad day.  We got up and we did service helping a lady move.  That was long.  She moved to a third story apartment wow!  Lots of stairs.  I tried to help unload the truck but the others wouldn't go for that so I had to take the heavy stuff.  Karma is so lame.  After we got home late and were changing when the phone rang.  It was president saying we needed to chat.  Oh boy.  It turns out that it was my comp.  His uncle died so that was super sad.  So we went and got ice cream and hamburgers.  I think he is good now but still sad.  Friday was normal but I went to a sketchy clinic to buy some stuff for my buddy Miaugi.  He thinks he is dying cause he got a cold.  While I was there a crazy dude cornered my comp asking why he was stressed and saying he had a real nice black friend for him haha.  He looked at me to help but I was kinda laughing.  After that we went to eat dinner and a member gave me a pizza for free woohoo!  Saturday and Sunday were conference.  I am a child.  I can't watch it.  It is sooo boring!  I loaded my bag with toys and candy so I could stay awake.  Anyways today we are going to play volley ball.  Love you all!!!

Peru thing:  So here ibuprofen is illegal but I bought all sorts of pain killers and cold meds without question.  Also when you are sick you just go up to a little window and tell them what you've got and they give you some crazy drug cocktail without explanation then they get so mad when I questioned them!!! Crazy!

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