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future missionary

Sunday, April 9, 2017

February 27, 2017

Hey Fam,

Woohoo Monday again!  We have a zone p-day I think we are playing football in the park!  So this week was a bit crazy but yeah my comp is a butt still.  So Monday we met up with Elders Pena and Haliday and we played volleyball in the court in front of our house.  Then on Tuesday we had a meeting mine started at 8am and didn't finish till around 6pm.  It was sooo long.  After we went to interviews for our baptisms it was supposed to be 3 people but 1 backed out and it wasn't who I expected.  The girl is from Ayacucho we first taught her last Sunday and she was baptized Saturday!  She's read the Book of Mormon 2 times and had some experience with it that she won't talk about but she is sure it is true.  Crazy right!!  The other can quote the bible as well as a priest but like his whole fam is inactive so that's a bit scary.  After that we went to ward council our ward needs help.  The bishop is never at anything even church and only 3 of the leaders do anything.  The only reason we are a ward is cause the secretary lives in Cusco so the bishop just claims there is about 100 people (more like 60) so we stay a ward it is dumb.  Wednesday we had district meeting I asked Elders to teach I think for the last time!  Then till Saturday not too much happened we did have an Intercambio but nothing to crazy happened I also forgot for service we cleaned the house of Miagi.  It was gross we found 4 mice 1 dead one and one cat and a million cockroaches but now it is super clean but he complains cause he can't find stuff!  Also we are now out of all money till Wednesday.  So we make fried eggs and ramen surprise for every meal.  So Saturday was baptisms so we were in the church all day cleaning.  In the morning the primary celebrated carnival and soaked us with water but then gave us ice cream so I was fine.  Then we had the baptism and after a family took us to hamburgers!  Today is ward conference I was excited till I remembered I have to attend lame!  Be safe guys love ya!

Peru thing:  So like Brazil there is carnival here but it gets so crazy they outlawed it in Lima every where else the missionaries can't leave on some days or they get paint and water thrown at them!

Our baptisms this week

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