future missionary

future missionary

Sunday, April 9, 2017

March 13, 2017

Hello my Family!

What's up?  Honestly this week went by so fast I don't even remember much of it but on Monday we ate Chinese and then we played volleyball with the other elders.  It was gringos versus latinos and we totally won!  After that we went and bought food.  When we got back to the house we decided to make s'mores on the roof.  But here the chocolate sucks.  It is gross and real graham crackers don't exist.  To make it worse good marshmallows cost lots so it was expensive!  But yeah we had a good time. It was like when I was little at the cabin!  On Tuesday we had our meetings since I had the marshmallows I decided we'd make good use of them so we played chubby bunny!  Haha I forgot my camera so I don't have pics but it was hilarious!  Then we decided to all eat together so we made spaghetti and meatballs with papas huancyina yum!  Then we played a bunch of games.  On Wed. we had interviews with President McGinn he kinda got mad cause I said that his plan wouldn't work and that it was too confusing.  I was right but he is in charge so we do it anyways.  We also had interchanges with Elders Jones and Venegas it was fun!  I went with Elder Jones so I got to speak English. On Thursday I found the most disgusting house I've ever seen.  We did service their by fixing their water then we taught them.  I need sanitized!  Saturday in the morning there was a soccer championship so we went and watched that then we had a giant family home evening.  It was super fun.  We watched a video then played games with everyone but then we got to the house and realized we didn't buy food and we don't have electricity... great.  Some things suck about Peru.  Oh well I am sure it will help me one day.  Today still no electricity but we were studying and the drunk Pablo forgot his alcohol on our porch so we stole it and dumped it out now he is searching all over while us and his family are laughing.  I guess it is the little things.  Haha so my Peru thing: here they don't speak castigano and they get mad when they confuse them.  So Sunday we had an awesome lesson the guy agreed to start teaching us Quetchwa!  I have a good list now woohoo!!  Ok love ya'll mwah!

Our yummy s'mores

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