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future missionary

Friday, April 21, 2017

March 21, 2017

Hey Fam!

So this letter is painful to write... I got a bug bite on my pinky finger that kills!  Haha!  and tons happened this week so I'll just suffer through it.  So our Monday miracle...

 So this is Daniel.  He is the one on my side of the table.  He is an angel I'm pretty sure... We went to Barranco, Peru and we were early so we were hanging out waiting for our zone, Elder Haliday and Pena were there too.  When a guy (on the right) came up and started talking to us.  He served a mission in Venezuela and works for the U.S. airforce now.  We chatted then he said he'd go get his team to meet us.  We talked to them and that is when Daniel who is an RM from Colombia invited us to lunch in this crazy fancy restaurant to eat and chat with the team!  In my mind it was like eating with Top Gun!!!  Later some of our zone came in by chance to eat there and came and chatted until they got a table.  After we ate the best peruvian food ever he took our bill and then our whole zones bill and paid for us all.  It was like 16 people!!!  Holy crap!  So yeah he was amazing!

On Tuesday I cried a lot cause I'm a freaking baby!  It was the last meeting with Elder Sosa cause he goes home tomorrow.  We made a video and sang.  It was sad!  I also gave him my SL Bee's tie to remember me.

Wednesday started the crazy.  So Peru if you didn't know is flooding.  So in the floods it washed out the graveyard so the water is toxic.  So it has been 6 days now without any water.  We stink a little...

Thursday we did service and we started building a school.  Then on Friday still without water the government gifted water to people.  We helped them for 3 hours that day and 2 hours more on Saturday and 2 more on Monday!  I can't feel my arms from carrying water all day!  Saturday was transfers.  Ready drum roll please....
 This is Elder Gutierrez.  He is from California USA!  Woohoo!!  A gringo!  Haha!  It has been great!  He looks like Linguini from Ratatouii.  But yeah... so Sunday we had stake conference and President stood up and in front of everyone congratulated us for our service in the ward.  We got super embarrassed.  Then today I got my first gringo day.  The neighbors were teasing us in spanish then we switched to spanish and they went super red.  We just laughed and kept on carrying water cause that's the life now just carrying water all day.  haha.  We got to talk a lot but it is fun.  We were both in Pachacamac together just in different parts so that is fun!  Now we get to be companions and Elder Infante is far far away!  So yeah anyways I love and miss you all tons.  Have a great week!  Mwah!

Peru thing: So the plant that they make cocaine out of- they chew the leaves here as remedies for everything.  It is super bad but ya bienvenides a Peru!

my very american dinner

Elder Sosa's last day

Our breakfast celebrating being gringos
People lined up for water

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