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future missionary

Friday, April 21, 2017

March 27, 2017

Hey Fam,

So this week was kinda stressful all week we had Elders from Ayacucho with us.  Anyways Tuesday after I wrote we went and ate at a burrito bar.  It's like Cafe Rio yum!  Then on Wednesday the Elders came there were 4 of them all here!  WOW!  It was so loud and messy.  Then we all taught together!  They tried to  leave on Thursday but they missed the flight!  WE weren't planning on them so we went to eat at Texas Roadhouse.  It was good that we had money for the month cause a steak was 60 (somethings I think it means Peru money) which is like 20 bucks!  But it was HUGE and way good so we decided it was worth it.  Haha!  I've been so sick lately we keep eating ligado and cau-cau (liver and cow stomach/intestines) so my stomach is gone! bleh... All but 1 of the elders left Friday morning the other left in the afternoon.  Then we got a night to clean up and plan.

On Saturday we worked on the school more it has a roof now and a gate and is usable.  Now it just needs painted and cleaned and the playground needs fixed.  I'll send a picture when we finish!  My new comp is awesome. We get a lot done and get along way good. He has a girlfriend to so we talk a lot about that!  Time passes faster with a cool comp.  Really this week has just been running around like crazy people.  Oh so we finally got a bit of water back.  It is still way dirty so we just use it to shower but it is better than nothing.  We were so dirty that we had to scrub the showers after it was so good to be clean though!

So we wanted to see how dirty the water is so we filled a pot and left it.  IT GREW BUGS!!! Nasty!  My Spanish is getting better though cause I have to talk to everyone!  But it is good.  I'll learn how to communicate better.  Oh yeah and mom don't worry I ate cake in memory of you (sounds like I died or something when he went to Peru) hope you had a happy birthday.  How old are you now? hehe love you!  So my Peru thing:  At school here you get judged and put in a level they are A-G and in each 1-5.  So the smartest are 1A and the dumbest 5G and the math classes are super easy!  They do like 6th grade stuff in high school!!  We end up helping with a lot of homework haha!  (I hope he isn't helping them with spelling or grammar because his is horrible) You can't ever get away from school!!!  Be safe guys love y'all!!  Mwah!

My steak

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