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future missionary

Sunday, April 9, 2017

March 6, 2017

Hey Fam!

So this week was normal just one more down and lots to go!  So on Monday after writing we went to the beach!  It was so pretty and perfect and the waves were huge!  Bigger than I've ever seen!  We played football and kickball and then played in the sand.  Then on Tuesday we had a meeting with an area 70 after that we got all switched around cause the elders from the south were here till Friday.  It was a good break from my comp and one of them knew me from Lehi that was super fun we talked and he told me what everyone was up to.  Then we had district meeting and then more new comps from Ica and Ayacucho.  Oh so I don't think I told ya'll but my comp was so mad cause this girl who we baptized well he thought she'd ask him to baptize her and I did to- but when we asked her to be baptized she said she wanted me to do it.  I thought he was gonna hit me cause that is 5 people that didn't pick him.  So yeah he is a child so he refused to talk to me and pretty much threw a fit.  So today she got baptized that was awesome.

So this week we've been obsessed with these little bikes if you remember we learned to make them like a month ago but we finally go stuff to make our own so all our time that we aren't teaching is used making these bikes.  We also went to learn more this afternoon before our baptism.  So now the plate of fish... So my comp is a child and often acts like it.  So apparently he was talking and making fun of our pension.  Everyone here gossips so the stuff he said got told to her.  She was so mad at him and she needs to be cause he oughtta learn one day to grow up!  So she said she needed the weekend off and so I had to cook.  I tried to remember all I learned from the cooking shows unfortunately cupcake wars didn't come in handy... I came up with lemon garlic fish and soggy rice and "salad" which here is onions with lime and salt and my favorite part since I'm poor guess how much it cost?  4.80's that is like a buck fifty!  But my comp keeps being him today.  He hung up on the leaders and Elder Sosa I think might kill him...  So that's my week.  Love ya'll mwah!

Peru thing: They use so much slang here I hate it for example they don't say verde they say verdura which is veggie.  And to say yes it is good they say "sinquente" which means 50.

Look I am a real Peruvian now,

Our baptism

My yummy meal

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