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future missionary

Sunday, May 14, 2017

April 17, 2017

 Hey Fam!

So this week was way different but I like seeing all the stuff about different culture!  Oh by the way Happy Easter!  So this week was Holy week (I didn't know there was one but ok...)  On holy Monday we did some holy cleaning then we did some holy writing to our families after that we ate holy Chaufa (my fave) then we met some elders and went to holy Barranco (that is a little ironic because they call it "sin city of Peru" haha)  It was so cool.  They had a market that all the people from the famous parts of Peru (Iquitos, Cusco, Ayacucho...) came and sold their stuff.  Normally it would be way expensive and some was but other shops knew that the Elders are like locals so they would give us real prices!  ( others tried charging in dollars we didn't shop there.)  We found good treasures.  So after holy shopping we ate holy gelato then went home.  On holy Tuesday we had interviews all freaking day!  We got there at 8:30 and didn't leave till 3:30.  So by the time we ate and got ready it was like 6!  As we say here "ya fue!"  On holy Wednesday we had a holy district meeting and at holy cake cause my comps b-day is this month.  Then we had a holy intercambio with the zone leaders. It was fun!  Elder Brown is a huge nerd he just talked about school and instruments (not my favorite subjects)  It was funny though, he was walking and swinging his glass drink bottle and the lid came off and he launched it!  It shattered everywhere.  We didn't know what to do so we just kept walking and pretended nothing happened.

Then on holy Thursday we tried to do service but evreyone said it was disrespectful to Jesus (have they read the bible?) Anyways we had the elders come and clean our house!  After we had an intercambio with elders in my district.  We got so sick of people not wanting to talk that we all met up and we'd just go up to anyone and just keep talking till they listened or got mad.  It actually worked.  They even got on a bus and stood at the front and preached till the next stop haha!  Then in a holy lesson Elder Halliday thought my chair was for him so when I sat down I had no chair!  I fell right on my butt in the dirt it was awful!  I was so dirty and everyone was laughing so hard we couldn't have a lesson.  On holy Friday/ Good Friday we got a companion from Ayacucho who had to come get a rabies shot also we learned no one is home on holy Friday.  We walked forever and accidentally joined a concession (the Catholics carry a cross around and sing)  it was freaky!  After that experience we called it a day and went home and made pancakes yumm.  On holy Saturday nothing happened.  Our land lady did get us ice cream though that was awesome.  Now it is Easter.  They don't really celebrate though so yeah.  We wanted to hunt for eggs but we'd only find real eggs haha.  I hope your Easter weekend was great and the bunny left great stuff!  Thanks for the packages and letters they are great!  Love you all be safe and happy!  Mwah!

Peru thing: So here people don't pan handle in the street.  They wait for buses then they get on and sell candy or key chains or sing or tell jokes and the people give them money.  They always start with their pity story then tie it in like "I got hit by a car and lost my house and car my life isn't full of joy but yours can be if you buy_____"  It is super different but it is better than begging with signs.

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